Monday, September 1, 2008

Being Healthy

The cold front has moved through and today we finally have no rain! However, the lingering summer heat is so intense that the temperature went up to high 86F (30C)! Too hot for September!!!

Speaking of September, many groceries and commodities prices have increased because of the soaring gasoline and grain prices: Beer, cheese, noodles, beef bowl, refrigerator, car, etc. have increased...

Anyway, very very shocking bad news. On Saturday, my mother-in-law (I'm not married yet thought) was hospitalized after suffering a stroke at a ballroom dance school.
I still can't believe it! She was very healthy, worked hard at her age, and kept up with the housework... Now she can't speak and move! All on a sudden, Why she?! Life is unfair!!! I really hope she recovers. I want to talk to her again like before.

Being healthy (balance in taking care of health?) is not easy.

Today, I lost some contests :(
Very bad start, but I hope I can improve my luck!

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  1. Hello Ochikeron!ur welcome.
    anyway,yes you are correct...this is our language.
    because,my english is not i use my pilipino language.
    and for louis vuitton,i dont's so...expensive...

  2. Hi Ochi,

    Sorry to hear of your future mother-in-law, hoping for her quick recovery.

    Gas here has gone down alittle, I think they tease us! Everything is on the rise price wise here too.

    I'm trying to stock up on some meat now while on sale now! Don't worry your luck with improve, keep your chin up! ")

  3. Hi DabaMehon!

    Thanks for coming again :)
    Do you use alphabets?! Looked very cool!

    Right... I always end up not getting a louis vuitton bag because if I think of getting several of other bags or clothes, it is too luxurious! Ha-ha!!!

  4. Konnichiwa jo!

    My boyfriend is so busy that he hasn't called his father since Sunday :( I hope she could talk at least!

    Yes. The gas here has gone down and everything is on the rise price here, too! I saw on TV that the stores are cutting costs trying not to rise the retail price, but I think it is a matter of time... The material prices are soaring and we are seeing the end coming :(

    I think I need to get a bigger freezer to stock up food! Before that, I need more space to place it though...


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