Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Accomplishments

Yesterday was nice and sunny but the rain is expected Today through Sunday because of the autumn rain front and typhoon #13. This typhoon suppose not to approach Kyushu area, but it changed it's direction and predicted to pass the east coast of Japan (Tokyo area) soon :( We have a holiday (Autumnal Equinox Day) on Tuesday the 23rd, so hope not rain till then...

It's been a while so I will list my accomplishments today.

On 9/4, my "Healthy Chicken Bowl" recipe was published in a magazine called Sutekina Okusan (Nice Wife). They featured economical recipe ideas in a saddle-stitched brochure of October issue and mine was introduced on P.37!

On 9/15, I won the vegetable sommelier prize at the recipe contest (organized by Cookpad) using Pokka's vegetable potage (powder soup) products. Their vegetable potage products are additive-free. They separate flavors by the color of vegetables, which is cool! The image below (on the right) is their product line.

This time, I used White Vegetable Potage which includes the total of 20 different kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, daikon radish, and onion! I made "Chinese Style Creamy Stir-Fried Vegetables" by adding the potage. My boyfriend loved it, because it was deliciously thickened with the potage and harusame (bean-starch vermicelli)!

Needless to say, I lost the others... But I really can't believe because some of them were perfect! I will show you someday if I feel like it.

You know what!? Yesterday, I had a call from haircolor product company (because I sent them an inquiry) and they told me that the color is permanent :( I was so shocked that I don't really like this dark brown... My boyfriend says he likes it, but he's just saying, I guess... I have long hair, so that means I need to wait for more than 2 years to regrow!!! Hope it washes out a little...
Well... I called my hair salon and they told me that they can decolor it, so there is still hope... (it damages hair though...) Life is not easy!

Snap out of it! See you again!

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