Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kuidaore Taro Got a New Job

Hi! We have fine weather here again ;)
I had a lunch with my co-worker after a long time!

Do you know Kuidaore Taro?
I once wrote about him before in my diary.
He is a mechanical drum-playing clown in front of Dotonbori (in Osaka)'s famous restaurant Cui-daore: a massive eight-story restaurant with a different Osaka cuisine on each floor.
The restaurant has closed on July 8th and he was removed since then.

However, yesterday, I saw on TV that he is coming back to Dotonbori! He will be back in front of Nakaza building (image on the right) next to the Cui-daore restaurant where he used to stand. Interestingly, Taro is just for rent and he belongs to Taro Company, which owner (Michiko Kakinoki)'s family has launched.
This article shows how popular he is!!!
Kuidaore Taro to debut as 'talent'

I wish I could be famous like him! Ha-ha!!!

Okay, talk to you later!
Have a nice day ;)

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    Your clown there must be very popular. Everyone missed seeing him! I wish I could be famous like him too! Funny how we get used to seeing and having things around! I like picture of your city!

  2. Ohayo jo!

    Right! Everyone missed him and everyone knows him! He is known to people who have even never been to Osaka!
    Thanks for liking my post! This pic is from yahoo. I didn't take the pic of Nakaza since it wasn't that spotlighted at that time! Ha-ha!


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