Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pingu's Birthday

We have fine autumn weather today! Last evening, it rained cats and dogs. The weather forecast was wrong again :( Luckily, I had an umbrella with me, but I saw many people buying umbrellas at convenience stores.

Do you know Pingu? It's one of my favorite cartoon characters! I used to watch this cartoon series when I was in a high school. It was shown on TV every morning before 7AM I believe... I still have video tapes which I recorded all those series, but unfortunately, I don't have VCR to play anymore... Also, I used to collect Pingu goods! My favorite is the Pingu voice alarm clock, but my boyfriend doesn't like it because it's too noisy... Anyway, today is Pingu's birthday! Happy Birthday!!! I never knew his birthday, but it was on my 2008 Pingu calendar :)

Changing my story, I have a pain in my left shoulder :( I must have strained my muscle at gym... What a spaz... One bad thing happens after another.
On Saturday I again had body composition done. Believe it or not, again, in another week, I gained muscle but my fat went right back where I started... Life is not easy!!!

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  1. I don't really know pingu,i'm sorry.
    but,are you okey now?

  2. Hi Ochi,

    I also don't really know about Pingu at all..but it seem so cute.Maybe I should try to download this cartoons to watch if still available.

    It's nice to have autumn season now..rather than getting hotter here in Malaysia.

  3. Konnichiwa Ochi,

    Your cartoon bird looks much like the bird you took a photo of at the river. I don't know this cartoon character, but very cute!

    Be careful at the gym working out, at least you are trying! I don't work out, and the fat is laying. I prefer to walk, not run! :)

  4. Hello merce!

    I thought no one knows, because Pingu is popular among a limited number of people, I guess! Do you know shops called m.i.x!? They have sanrio and other characters (Pingu as well)! You should go there the next time ;) It's fun!

    I think... I am getting better. Thanks :)

  5. Hi jose!

    This cartoon is fun! They speak Pingu language ;) You will have a wild imagination to understand them!!!

    I think hot weather is better. I hate layering clothes, you know...

  6. Ohayo jo!

    >>much like the bird at the river
    Do you think so? I thought the same ;)

    I think I have bad coordination :(
    I knew it from my schooltime but never changes!!!
    My fat is really sticky... Walking is good for your health! I try not to run but jog :) Hope I can see an improvement.

  7. Hello Ochi San.maybe by march i can check that character.

  8. Hi merce!
    I just realized that I forgot to reply to one of your comments! Sorry!!!
    Yes! Please find Pingu ;)


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