Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pingu's Birthday

We have fine autumn weather today! Last evening, it rained cats and dogs. The weather forecast was wrong again :( Luckily, I had an umbrella with me, but I saw many people buying umbrellas at convenience stores.

Do you know Pingu? It's one of my favorite cartoon characters! I used to watch this cartoon series when I was in a high school. It was shown on TV every morning before 7AM I believe... I still have video tapes which I recorded all those series, but unfortunately, I don't have VCR to play anymore... Also, I used to collect Pingu goods! My favorite is the Pingu voice alarm clock, but my boyfriend doesn't like it because it's too noisy... Anyway, today is Pingu's birthday! Happy Birthday!!! I never knew his birthday, but it was on my 2008 Pingu calendar :)

Changing my story, I have a pain in my left shoulder :( I must have strained my muscle at gym... What a spaz... One bad thing happens after another.
On Saturday I again had body composition done. Believe it or not, again, in another week, I gained muscle but my fat went right back where I started... Life is not easy!!!

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