Monday, October 27, 2008

The Reality of Processed Foods and Restaurants

This morning, I forgot my gym stuff at home, so I ran back to home and ran to the station to catch my usual train... Isn't it my day? According to the astrology, the stars were in my favor... Hope I'm lucky today.

Anyway, starting from China's milk formula products, melamine has been detected in many of the processed foods in Japan... Also, after pesticide has been detected in a package of frozen gyoza dumplings imported from China, I hear the similar news almost everyday.
But this might be nothing new. We should have eaten something unhealthful without realizing. Isn't it scary? Not positive for our economy, but I want to cook and eat at home.

I will list recent news I found:
10/21: Saizeriya to pay back charges for its pizzas after melamine detected in ingredients
10/25: Insecticide found in Japan instant noodles
10/25: Melamine detected in fresh caramel in Saitama

The weather forecast had proved wrong and it was cloudy and rainy this weekend. Finally, the cloud cleared this morning! But the good thing is that the typhoon won't hit Japan this year!
I found a bird at the river near home. I took it with my cell! My boyfriend said it's a cormorant but I am not sure what this is...

Okay, I gotta go now.
Will see you tomorrow ;)

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