Monday, October 27, 2008

The Reality of Processed Foods and Restaurants

This morning, I forgot my gym stuff at home, so I ran back to home and ran to the station to catch my usual train... Isn't it my day? According to the astrology, the stars were in my favor... Hope I'm lucky today.

Anyway, starting from China's milk formula products, melamine has been detected in many of the processed foods in Japan... Also, after pesticide has been detected in a package of frozen gyoza dumplings imported from China, I hear the similar news almost everyday.
But this might be nothing new. We should have eaten something unhealthful without realizing. Isn't it scary? Not positive for our economy, but I want to cook and eat at home.

I will list recent news I found:
10/21: Saizeriya to pay back charges for its pizzas after melamine detected in ingredients
10/25: Insecticide found in Japan instant noodles
10/25: Melamine detected in fresh caramel in Saitama

The weather forecast had proved wrong and it was cloudy and rainy this weekend. Finally, the cloud cleared this morning! But the good thing is that the typhoon won't hit Japan this year!
I found a bird at the river near home. I took it with my cell! My boyfriend said it's a cormorant but I am not sure what this is...

Okay, I gotta go now.
Will see you tomorrow ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    We have to be very aware of what we put in our mouths these days! It is very scary what people will do for money and what they sell to you! but we cannot possibly control everything! Do you know that I cook everyday and I buy my produce and meats fresh everyday from an organic market and also we have a huge garden where my husband plants a lot of fruits and vegetables. By cooking everyday I control what we eat! I know there are a lot of folks that cannot possibly do this and I feel for them!
    I find myself reading labels all the time, and yet you still do not know what other chemicals they put in the product to make it last so long in the store. As you know I have even learned how to make my own soaps and creams..... I must tell you though, sometimes I am really tired of making things from scratch.

    Please forgive the long comment!

    Keep well!

  2. Hello Ochi San!
    Your news today is not good for me,because i love to eat at saizeriya,but not pizza.only pasta and chicken.

  3. Thats a cute bird,i ignore about the new's u post,jowk,i like the bird :)

  4. Hello nazarina,

    Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear your ideas and opinions!
    Yes. I recently think it is scary what people will do for money now than was back then. I totally agree with you that the labels mean nothing... I envy you and jo having a garden to plant fruits and vegetables. I wish I could have one someday soon...
    Your soaps were amazing!!! I wish I could know how to make things from scratch. I know being perfect is tiring but you are handling them well and I really respect what you are doing!!!

  5. Ohayo merce!

    That's good you didn't eat pizza there!!! Did you go there while you are in Japan? You've been to many places!!!

  6. Hello arnie,

    Thanks for liking my bird! My boyfriend loves birds. I don't know why but he always watches birds while walking, so I took this pic for him ;)

  7. Hey Ochi,

    I know we've had the same problem here with dog food containing melamine, which has killed many dogs.

    They have a recall on many brands of dog food. Two of which I fed my own dogs! I'm very upset about this, and it's not surprising to find that its' in human food also. Especially when the poison was found to be in rice and wheat in some instances.

    Rice flour and wheat flour could also be contaminated, as your recent news is saying! I make a lot of my meals homemade, but still you must buy ingredients to make, such as flour made from wheat. I often wonder if the preservatives in packaged food will also make us sick one day!

    Your bird is so cute, I can see why your boyfriend likes them. You were lucky to get a shot so close! :)

  8. Konnichiwa jo,

    I'm sorry to hear about your dogs :( Too bad because dogs won't speak up right away...

    Right. Preservatives could be proved harmful someday... I hope we can live longer than we used to.

    I see this bird once in a while at the river. Oops. I should have taken trees there to show you!

  9. Konnichiwa Ochi San.
    Yes,so many places.

  10. Konbanwa merce!

    How often do you come to Japan and how long do you stay?! Sounds fun with a perfect guide!!!


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