Thursday, October 2, 2008

Zunda Flavored PRETZ

Today was a fine autumn day in a while! Under splendid fall weather, I was frustrated with my boyfriend! Sorry, it was a trivial reason. Sometimes I behave in that way and can't stop... hope I'm not mentally ill.

In summer, I wrote that one of my co-workers went to Nagano prefecture and bought us nozawana flavored Pretz for a souvenir! This time, this guy has been to Tohoku district and bought us zunda flavored Pretz! Zunda is a bean paste made from mashed edamame soybeans. Zunda is usually sweet like azuki bean paste, but this Pretz was slightly salted. It was like when you eat edamame with salt for an appetizer, which was pretty good :)

It is already after 12AM.
I can't stay awake, so I will stop.

Good night.

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