Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sugar-Free Ham, Bacon and Sausage

Hello! It was raining again in the morning, but it finally cleared up in the evening :) Hope the sunshine lasts long.

Wow! It's already October! I don't like fore-end these days. Gasoline prices are stable since September, but raw material price increase is continuous. This month, flour-based food products are up about 10%! Also canned products, home electronics, and wines are marked-up! Without an increase in our income it's a deep problem.

You know what!? When I got home, I found some garbage left at the garbage collection point. I thought those were thrown by bad-mannered people. However, after a while, I realized that was mine!!! I totally forgot about the change in garbage collection that I mentioned before on my blog!!! Actually today was the plastic bottle collection day. I don't want to take my garbage home, so I think I'm gonna leave there till Friday collection day.

Changing my story, I found interesting food products at the supermarket: sugar-free ham, bacon and sausage! The manufacturer is Nippon Ham and they actually released them on August 20th. I didn't realize them until recently! This year, we see a lot of new healthy food products on the market, such as sugar-free beer because the metabolic syndrome check-up program has started in April! Too bad Nippon Ham don't offer giveaways, but I might try these new sugar-free products someday if they have clearance stickers on them!

Okay, let's try to stay healthy ;)
Talk soon!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Sugar-free ham,bacon and sausage??I never see this kind of stuff before in Malaysia here.

    I even don't know that ham,bacon and sausage had sugar in it..I'm a bit stupid too..

  2. Hello jose!

    We didn't have this kind of products before, so this is something new in Japan. Oh, don't say stupid. I think I need a further explanation. Most foods contain sugar, even if they are salty. You know carbohydrate right? That is sugar!

    Because we Japanese have dietary habits from Western, people are getting overweight! We should eat more Japanese-style food, you know. You like Japanese food, which is good :) I try to eat healthy, too!

  3. Hello Ochi,

    I didn't realize ham had sugar in it either. I just made a ham yesterday, I don't buy sweet hams, but salty ones! I try to cut the fat off too. I made peasoup with the hambone and broth, was very good. We all have colds here, my baby nephews gave them to us! :)

  4. Hello jo!

    Your soup sounds delicious! Soup warm yourself, so good for you! But take care, jo!

    I think I need to wear a mask on the train soon. I don't want to catch a cold on the packed train :(

  5. Hi Ochi San.
    I really like japanese system,specially in food.
    They are thinking,what is best for everyone.

  6. Hi merce!

    I'm glad you like Japanese food :) I believe there is a lot of great food around the world, but I hope I can introduce a part of it from Japan ;)


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