Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sugar-Free Ham, Bacon and Sausage

Hello! It was raining again in the morning, but it finally cleared up in the evening :) Hope the sunshine lasts long.

Wow! It's already October! I don't like fore-end these days. Gasoline prices are stable since September, but raw material price increase is continuous. This month, flour-based food products are up about 10%! Also canned products, home electronics, and wines are marked-up! Without an increase in our income it's a deep problem.

You know what!? When I got home, I found some garbage left at the garbage collection point. I thought those were thrown by bad-mannered people. However, after a while, I realized that was mine!!! I totally forgot about the change in garbage collection that I mentioned before on my blog!!! Actually today was the plastic bottle collection day. I don't want to take my garbage home, so I think I'm gonna leave there till Friday collection day.

Changing my story, I found interesting food products at the supermarket: sugar-free ham, bacon and sausage! The manufacturer is Nippon Ham and they actually released them on August 20th. I didn't realize them until recently! This year, we see a lot of new healthy food products on the market, such as sugar-free beer because the metabolic syndrome check-up program has started in April! Too bad Nippon Ham don't offer giveaways, but I might try these new sugar-free products someday if they have clearance stickers on them!

Okay, let's try to stay healthy ;)
Talk soon!

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