Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beaujolais Nouveau

Do you drink Beaujolais Nouveau on the release day?

Drinking Beaujolais Nouveau has become a popular event in Japan. Every third Thursday of November, various events are held around the country! Interestingly, Beaujolais Nouveau goes on sale in Japan earlier than in Europe, because there is a time difference.

Anyway, I once went to the Neo Village of Tokyo International Forum. Neo Village is a group of food stalls and they open stalls at Tokyo International Forum every year on the Beaujolais day. We can enjoy dishes from many countries with Beaujolais Nouveau! The year I went there was so cold that I haven't been there since then. Ha-ha!

Well... Enjoy yourselves!!!
Happy Beaujolais day ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Here we din have any Beaujolais this count as a public holiday at your country??

    Malaysian do drink red wine too but because me myself not really into red wine so I'm not quite sure of the red wine's name..

    I'm a beer and liquor person but not red wine.Too bad...

  2. Hi Ochi,

    Is Beaujolais Nouveau a wine. Don't know much about it! We don't have events around here like that, would be nice to have.

    Mostly in the summer for diffrent fairs and such! Too cold to have events outside here, still in the 20's.

  3. Hello jose,

    I am the opposite of you!!! I like red wines but not beers. Ha-ha!!!
    I don't like sweet cocktails, either. I like oolong-hi. It is something shochu and oolong tea mixed together. Have you ever tried it?

    By the way, Beaujolais day is not a holiday. It is an event of France, so I don't know why we celebrate this much! Funny, right?!

  4. Konnichiwa jo,

    Japanese like wines! Ha-ha.

    I think it is too cold here, too to have events outsite! The temp dropped to only 53F (12C) but better than 20F!!! I can't imagine going out in that temp X(

  5. We have these wine festivals here in the beautiful Vail and Breckenridge areas( in the mountains). It is cold here too! Beautiful soft snow! Ochi as you have already visited me, I have some befitting awards for you!

  6. Hi Nazarina,

    In the mountains?! How nice!!!
    I wish I could be there :)

    Thanks for the awards.
    I am really happy to receive them from you because I recpect you so much for what you create everytime!!!


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