Friday, November 28, 2008

Hotel de Suzuki Fruit - Seasonal Fruit Salad

It is raining hard today. Maybe after a long time!

Anyway, I used to love very sweet parfait with chocolate fudge, cheesecake, pudding, etc... but as I get older, I prefer the healthier one! My recent favorite is Seasonal Fruit Salad at Hotel de Suzuki Fruit! The price is about 10 bucks, but you can have well-selected seasonal fruits with rich (but nicely small) ice cream!

I couldn't find their website to show you, but they serve cut fruit, fresh fruit juice, and some other dessert menu at the counter. Also, they have fruit cup desserts, chocolates, baked confectionery, and assorted fruits to go.

They are sumptuous, but better than spending money for sticky fat, you know!

Today I will go to the gym after work! I feel guilty, since I haven't been there for 4 days this week!!!

See ya!
Have a good weekend ;)

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