Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Bakery - Bread Machine

Time flies! It is already December, my birth month! I wish I could celebrate my birthday without aging...

Do you know "Home Bakery"? It is a bread machine. To use, you simply need to place your unmixed ingredients in and choose your setting! The machine alerts you once your bread is ready. It doesn't only make bread, but prepares dough, cakes, jam, cookie and pasta dough!!! Zojirushi has 2 types of bread machines(Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker and Home Bakery Mini Breadmaker) available for overseas.

Anyway, there was a contest which prize was a Home Bakery. I did my best, but unfortunately I lost it. It's just my luck. Never get what I want...
It is about 200 bucks, so I know I can get it someday, but someday is someday... Because if I'm gonna get something, the next is Loccitane Immortelle, or maybe eyelash extensions! Ha-ha ;)

Okay, I gotta go now.
I hope I can post some recipes for Christmas this month!

Bye for now!

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  1. Hello Ochi San!
    I'm sorry,if you can't understand my blog.
    My philippine language is tagalog,but we have also native language we called"bisaya"which i usually used here in my place everyday.

    and we don't have translator here,unlike in your country.

    If my grammar is good and correct,i will try my best to use english in my blogs.i'm really sorry...i know it's hard for you to understand.

  2. Thank you merce-san,

    Now I got it!
    I once tried to translate but I couldn't so I asked you ;)
    Your images are always entertaining, so you can keep them as they are!
    I am sorry for mixing you up!

  3. Kobanwa Ochi,

    My sister has a B-day in december. We have bread makers here too, but I never used one. Make things the old fashioned way!

    I could use eyelash extensions too! Was thinking of getting a pair of false eyelashes someday, just to see how they look!

  4. Hi jo,

    Happy Birthday to your sis ;)
    Right! Sometimes it is fun to take time and bake breads, but this machine is kind of my dream. Ha-ha!

    I understand your curiosity!
    The ones I want to get last for a month, so I hope I like them... It is kind of a trend to have them glued on your eyelashes at a salon in Japan ;)


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