Monday, November 17, 2008

Kiyose Carrot Recipe Contest

Hi! The high today is 68F (20C)! It was nice and warm this weekend, too. But the forecast said we will experience a drop in temperature later in the week.

On Saturday, I attended the cook-off final of the Carrot Recipe Contest in Kiyose-city, Tokyo. Kiyose-city is No.1 carrot producer in Tokyo. Kiyose Chamber of Commerce asked for carrot recipes and there were 26 finalists on this day!!! The contest was something like a block association event and most finalists were Kiyose residents! Ha-ha. I am glad that the lady I met last week (at ANDERSEN Bread Contest) came on this day!
My boyfriend came with me, but unfortunately he couldn't enter the kitchen (so he couldn't take pictures of me). He had to wait for an hour at the waiting room, which was too bad.
The lady from Gifu prefecture who made "Carrot Bomb Clear Soup" won the grand prize! Unfortunately, mine (Stir-Fried Pork with Salty Sweet Grated Carrot) didn't win any prize, but I enjoyed a lot. We tasted all 26 dishes after the awarding ceremony (bottom-right image). While tasting, I found some kids saying "yummy" eating mine, which was more than the prize ;)

After the contest, my boyfriend was bored stiff, so we decided to stop off at Ikebukuro station and have an early dinner. At the food mall of TOBU department store, there was a Challenge Menu Fair. Each restaurants and the students of 8 Universities have collaborated and created amazing "rice" dishes! We had Kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) at Ooedo. There I found Italian sushi (bottom-left image), which was the Challenge Menu of that restaurant! Also, I had anago (conger eel, bottom-right image), which is my favorite ;) We had a good time.

My boyfriend finally got back into a good mood, so we shopped around the department store. But I guess he was still tired... While I was shopping at Sanrio store I found him sitting and watching Elmo toy... Oh no... Of course, we went home right away!

Changing my story. Today, I won a grand prize at a contest but I lost the others which prizes were more attractive!!! It's just my luck!

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  1. Hello Ovhi

    Your entry didn't win, but really won the taste test of the children.

    Your dinner looked so good! Don't you like Elmo toys. My daughter has one from a long time ago, a tickle me Elmo!

    My mother's sister lived in Fukuoka, and my cousins live there. I must email them again! My mother born in Hokaido. I don't know much where she lived in Japan!

    You are doing well in your cooking endeavors! :)

  2. Hello Ochi San!I'm fine,thank you...
    as of now,i'm busy for my husband's preparations,finding some omiyage,and other things that he needs everyday.
    maybe on monday,i can make a blog.
    for now,just check some emails,and friends comments.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Konnichiwa jo,

    Yes. It was something like tickle me Elmo!!! Funny you know it ;) I didn't even look at it close...

    >>My mother's sister lived in Fukuoka
    Thanks for letting me know!
    I couldn't search your comments, so I wasn't sure.

    I'm saying this all the time, but there are so many who do well in cooking. I need to cultivate my individuality!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement, always ;)

  4. merce-san,

    Nice to hear from you!!!

    Is your husband going somewhere?
    Please take care!!!

    I'm glad to know you are fine ;)

  5. My husband will be going back to japan tommorrow,for his live performance.

  6. Hi merce,

    Oh. Going back? Is he Japanese??? I'm just getting confused.
    But anyway, hope he has a good time in Japan ;)


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