Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hi! The weather forecast says it gonna be much colder from next week :( I need to put away my summer clothes! I still have them out!!!

Today, I will list my recent accomplishments.

On 10/31, I won the Bull-Dog Sauce Award at a contest held by bellemaison (online shop). They asked us to create some magical recipes using either of these sauce products: Ebara's Yakiniku Sauce, Heinz's White or Demi Glace Sauce, or Bull-Dog Sauce products. Luckily, my "Hamburger-Like Stir-Fried Colorful Vegetables and Minced Meat" won the prize :)

On the same day, I won the second prize at PoleStar's recipe contest. They asked for Japanese-style confectionery recipes using their sauce products!!! This was tough, but my "Misauce (Miso Sauce) Goheimochi" was chosen! Goheimochi is a mochi made by crushed rice, grilled over coals with miso based salty sweet sauce. To tell the truth, I once made it with the other sauce product but the recipe didn't receive a prize, so I retried it with PoleStar's sauce! Sometimes, I need to renovate my idea, I guess!!!

On 11/10, my Halloween recipe was elected to receive MONTEUR's character goods. MONTEUR is a store that sells cakes and sweet treats easy-on-the-pockets. I used their pumpkin waffle (limited time offer) to make ghosts.

Today I need to attend another cook-off!
I will write about it later ;)
I hope I can do well this time...

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