Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hi! The weather forecast says it gonna be much colder from next week :( I need to put away my summer clothes! I still have them out!!!

Today, I will list my recent accomplishments.

On 10/31, I won the Bull-Dog Sauce Award at a contest held by bellemaison (online shop). They asked us to create some magical recipes using either of these sauce products: Ebara's Yakiniku Sauce, Heinz's White or Demi Glace Sauce, or Bull-Dog Sauce products. Luckily, my "Hamburger-Like Stir-Fried Colorful Vegetables and Minced Meat" won the prize :)

On the same day, I won the second prize at PoleStar's recipe contest. They asked for Japanese-style confectionery recipes using their sauce products!!! This was tough, but my "Misauce (Miso Sauce) Goheimochi" was chosen! Goheimochi is a mochi made by crushed rice, grilled over coals with miso based salty sweet sauce. To tell the truth, I once made it with the other sauce product but the recipe didn't receive a prize, so I retried it with PoleStar's sauce! Sometimes, I need to renovate my idea, I guess!!!

On 11/10, my Halloween recipe was elected to receive MONTEUR's character goods. MONTEUR is a store that sells cakes and sweet treats easy-on-the-pockets. I used their pumpkin waffle (limited time offer) to make ghosts.

Today I need to attend another cook-off!
I will write about it later ;)
I hope I can do well this time...

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  1. Ochi, way to go girl!!You are just on a roll now winning all the prizes! Congrats! Your creations should all win first prize!

  2. Yea Ochi,

    See I told you, I agree with Nazarina you should've won first prize! Hey I loved the pic of you in the last cook off. Please take more. Your Halloween ghost were really cute! I'm going to make my pumpkin rolls for Thanksgiving and freeze them, since it's going to be a cold weekend! Keep warm! :)

  3. Hello nazarina,

    Thank you! But I think fate is against me :( I don't win good prizes. I know some lucky people who always win cash and great prizes... I envy them.

    Anyway, I will keep trying. Maybe someday, I could get what I want ;)

  4. Konnichiwa jo,

    Busy Monday! Sorry that I am writing here after posting my new diary.

    >>first prize
    I hope I could improve my luck! Ha-ha!!!

    The weather here in Japan is changeable. It was so hot this weekend that I didn't even need my down jacket! You see my boyfreind wears T-shirt on my new post. Funny, ha-ha! But I know I need to be careful not to catch a cold again! Thanks for your kind words!!!


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