Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Hello! Today was a busy day!!! Since I had a day off on Friday and Monday was a holiday, I had a lot of work to do. Also, unexpectedly all employees had to participate in a seminar after work... which took about an hour! I couldn't go to the gym today... too bad :(

Anyway, on Saturday, after the contest, my boyfriend and I went to the L'OCCITANE Cafe in Shibuya.
The first floor of the building is the shop. I got samples of Immortelle Very Precious Regenerating Concentrate and Immortelle Very Precious Cream, which jose recommended! I am using it now ;) The scent is really nice and they moisturize without leaving a greasy feeling!!! I hope they help treat acne as well.
The second and the third floor is the cafe. It was so nice and comfortable that we stayed there for about 2 hours! We had lunch there. What I had was a set lunch menu. It comes with soup, salad, ratatouille, and breads. My boyfriend didn't feel like eating salad, so he had croque-monsieur. The food was great! I wish I could have desserts because their tartes looked so delicious, but I saved it for the next time (saved the calories! ha-ha).

Oh no. I'm dozing off...
I gotta stop and go to bed now.
Good night!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    OMG!!! I never thought that L will had a cafe there.I wish I was there...

    You know,every times when I pass by L's shop,I really hope I can stand there more longer,just because of the smell.I love the smell.

    You should try the sample.Let me know the results also.Hope this product suitable for you too.

    Gambateh for our future good skin..Haha..

  2. Hi Ochi,

    You lead a busy life. I don't think we have any L'Occitane cafes here, at least I haven't heard of it. Seem very upscale. Food looked very good! I love to see your pictures! :)

  3. Hi jose,

    You know what!? This year, they opened many branches in Japan! I find their products in many places!

    The cafe was kind of expensive like their products, you know! I hope they open the cafe in your place, too.

    Yes jose! I used them last night and thought they are good for winter, when my skin is really dry!!! Should work more effectively in your endless summer country!

    I think I need more samples... they were good, but pricey, so I need to test them carefully... Like I said before, I am using KOSE, so I need see a drastic change to decide!

    Did it change you a lot??? Do you use cleanser, toner, and cream as well? Maybe my skin is getting old, being slow to react *( Oh no...

  4. Ohayo jo,

    Somehow, I have a lot of long-postponed stuff...

    You are right! L'Occitane is really upscale brand! Their food was fine and delicious, but pricey... I don't think I can go there often, but I want to try their tartes someday...
    I'm glad you liked my pictures :)

  5. konnichiwa Ochi San.
    I thought before,it's just a beauty product.
    now i know.thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Ochi,

    Yup,I agreed with you too.A bit pricey,so should try it carefully for the results.Maybe you should go get some samples again.

    Remember,ask them give you some eyes balm sample too.This is great.Will reduce your eyes bag within 1 weeks.I tried before and I love the results,not only me.My friend too saw the results on her eyes.

    I din used the cleanser and toner,but my Clinique cleanser left a bit only.So I decided to try L'occitane's brand.When I buy,I will show it to you.

    No,your skin not too old to react.Don't say like this to yourself.As long as you get the right skin products,your skin will look flawless and healthy..

  7. Konnichiwa merce,

    Was this store there when you came to Japan?!
    Hope you can stop by the next time!!!

  8. Hi jose,

    You know what!? Today, my skin is better!!! I think I need to get more and try more! The good thing is you don't need that much at once, so one sample lasts for few days ;)

    >>eyes balm sample
    You mean this one here?
    Thanks jose ;)
    But you don't have eye bag, no?!
    Anyway, sounds great!!!

    It is really hard to find the right skin-care product. I believe KOSE is mine, but not sure... I feel there are the better ones but you won't see the result immediately, so you can't switch easily by trying the samples, you know...

    Let's do our best!!!


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