Thursday, November 6, 2008

Content Reduced Product...

The high is 68F (20C) but the air is dry, so it is really chilly in the morning and in the afternoon. I need to keep my hands moist with cream!!!

This cold weather makes me really sleepy. I thought I would doze off last night, so I went to bed immediately!

Anyway, I love granola bars. I sometimes buy Asahi's boxed granola bars (image on the left) when it's on sale. It's original price is about $3.15 (incl. tax) and used to sell at $1.65 (on sale) at drug stores, but after the rapid increase in crude oil prices, they kept the price at $1.99. Yet, I still think the price is attractive, so I bought some when they are at $1.99.
Last Sunday, I again found it at $1.99, so I bought 2 boxes... HOWEVER!!! When I opened the box, there were only 5 bars in the box! There should be 6!!! I thought I lost one or whatever, and looked around but still couldn't find it :( Then after a while, I checked the nutrition label and found that it states "5 bars per box"... sucks! They should reduce the size of the box as well!!! I don't think I'm gonna buy it anymore, at least I find it at $1.65...

My blog friend jo just had the similar experience!!!
Food Product Packaging Getting Chintzy! Tips For Saving A Buck!

Isn't it too bad!? I think now manufacturers make no bones about doing that by tacit agreement...

Changing my story. Do you know Tetsuya Komuro? I am very shocked to hear the news that he was arrested... I love his music and he was in my time.
Japanese music legend Komuro arrested for fraud

Few days ago, Hotmail changed it's inbox layout again :(
I know I will get used to it soon, but I hate this kind of change...

I hope something good may come soon!

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  1. Kobanwa Ochi,

    The weather here the same as yours, cool at night, warming up in the day! Cool fall weather invigorates me, hot weather makes me tired. Must be the age!

    I guess I'm not the only one getting less in food packaging. Are the bars the same size as you used to get. All our food sizes shrunk here! Yes It Sucks!

    I don't know your music personality, he's handsome. Too bad he has many problems now. Seems he lost his fortune, and now he may lose his fame. Maybe he'll still make a comeback someday.

    I have hotmail too, and they kept prompting me to upgrade to the new stlye. I'm not much into change either! Must be the age thing again. Glad you liked my post, and thanks for pointing to it in your post! :)

  2. Hello jo,

    >>Cool fall weather invigorates me
    Really?! That is better than me getting drowsy! In winter, I know I don't want to get out of bed.

    >>Are the bars the same size as you used to get
    This bars were the same size, but I need to be careful! I know some sweet buns got smaller... but that was obvious!

    >>I don't know your music personality
    I like J-Pop music ;)
    He used to make music for the artists like Britney Spears in Japan! I mean, he was really famous. He shows that everything has ups and downs. Life is tough...

    >>prompting me to upgrade to the new stlye
    Without knowing that option, I changed my style :(
    The new version didn't show properly in IE6, so I upgraded to IE7...
    It is not because of the age, jo! I think everyone hates this kind of change!!! I'm glad you agreed with me!!!


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