Thursday, November 6, 2008

Content Reduced Product...

The high is 68F (20C) but the air is dry, so it is really chilly in the morning and in the afternoon. I need to keep my hands moist with cream!!!

This cold weather makes me really sleepy. I thought I would doze off last night, so I went to bed immediately!

Anyway, I love granola bars. I sometimes buy Asahi's boxed granola bars (image on the left) when it's on sale. It's original price is about $3.15 (incl. tax) and used to sell at $1.65 (on sale) at drug stores, but after the rapid increase in crude oil prices, they kept the price at $1.99. Yet, I still think the price is attractive, so I bought some when they are at $1.99.
Last Sunday, I again found it at $1.99, so I bought 2 boxes... HOWEVER!!! When I opened the box, there were only 5 bars in the box! There should be 6!!! I thought I lost one or whatever, and looked around but still couldn't find it :( Then after a while, I checked the nutrition label and found that it states "5 bars per box"... sucks! They should reduce the size of the box as well!!! I don't think I'm gonna buy it anymore, at least I find it at $1.65...

My blog friend jo just had the similar experience!!!
Food Product Packaging Getting Chintzy! Tips For Saving A Buck!

Isn't it too bad!? I think now manufacturers make no bones about doing that by tacit agreement...

Changing my story. Do you know Tetsuya Komuro? I am very shocked to hear the news that he was arrested... I love his music and he was in my time.
Japanese music legend Komuro arrested for fraud

Few days ago, Hotmail changed it's inbox layout again :(
I know I will get used to it soon, but I hate this kind of change...

I hope something good may come soon!

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