Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi there! Three-day weekend has ended and now we don't have consecutive holidays until the new years...

On Monday, I went shopping at Shibuya 109(a famous fashion shopping centre) because I didn't feel like cooking - usually I keep myself busy on weekends. It was raining and cold, so my boyfriend didn't go anywhere but bored waiting at a coffee shop, reading newspaper... I am really sorry for that! I didn't get that many clothes, but it was a stress-relieving time. Thanks!!!

Anyway, we ate out so many times on the weekend! On Saturday, we had a dinner at Doma-Doma. On Sunday, we had a dinner at Resort Dining Bar TRIP. On Monday, we had a lunch at MOS BURGER.
Then last but not least, we had a dinner at Midori-zushi on Monday!!! This sushi restaurant is very famous for delicious low price sushi and there is always a huge line in front (top right image)! Since we lined up early at 4PM we just waited for 15 minutes, but we once waited for about an hour when we went there at 6PM!!! I had anago (conger eel, bottom-right image), my favorite, again! Also, we had Beaujolais Nouveau for the first time this season!

Oh no... I've allowed myself too many luxuries.
I didn't want to go to work this morning... you know :(

Changing my story, this weekend, I skipped the gym twice... On Saturday, I was too tired, and on Monday, my boyfriend had a slight cold. Then today, tomorrow and day after, I can't go there because I have plans in the evening + the gym is closed tomorrow :( Too bad... Am I concerned too much?! Yes. Take it easy to me!!!

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  1. Konnichiwa Ochi San.

    That shibuya 109,is famous for young girls?

  2. Hi merce,

    Exactly! For young girls.
    I'm young! Ha-ha ;)

  3. I think you are really young..me also...feeling young!hahaha..
    but anyway,i never try midori-zushi.but i love to eat zushi without wasabi,just like a kid.
    But,i want to try next time...next year.

  4. Ohayo Ochi,

    Nice photos, I love to see where you eat, and what you eat. All the menus look wonderful, so appetizing! You deserve a break. Do you feel rushed when your boyfriend is with you, when you shop?

    Do you celebrate Christmas there! I know New Years is a big holiday for you! Nice to take time off to enjoy yourself! :)

  5. Hi merce,

    I understand you! I used to eat sushi without wasabi until the age of 20... but at some point, I loved it. Funny, right?!
    Please try Midori-zushi, but you have to be prepared to line up ;) I suggest you to go there at around 3-4PM.

  6. Konnichiwa jo,

    That is a pointed good question!!! You know me. I feel rushed. Don't you?! Ha-ha.

    Yes. We do celebrate Christmas! I think it is kind of a big event for us, too. I just wonder why we don't celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, etc... Maybe someday someone would spark those events in Japan. We love westeren stuff, you know ;)

  7. Yes,it's really funny...
    My husband always removed the wasabi.
    But,3-4pm is very early..
    meaning to say,many people going there,oh my god!

  8. Hello merce,

    Oh, your husband also dislikes wasabi!?
    when you go Shibuya, just stop around! You will find a huge line there in front ;)


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