Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Accomplishments

It is chilly again today. My skin is itchy :(
We have three days holiday this weekend. Yay!
Today, I got a sport lymphatic massage. It was pretty expensive but sooooo good! I mean very relaxing and my body relieved tension!

Time to go to bed, so I will briefly list my recent accomplishments.

On 11/17, I won the grand prize at Resala Fish Sausage contest. The sausage contains 850mg DHA per stick. I made takikomigohan (steamed rice dish) using it. The sausage gives out nice dashi flavor and my boyfriend liked it a lot!

On 11/18. my tomato recipe went on to the final review. This contest was held by Toyota. I once wrote about it but Toyota has cute pop cars called PASSO and this contest was to promote their cars. Unfortunately, mine didn't win the prize, but it is posted on their site: Tomato and Spinach Mapo Harusame.

On 11/16, my "Shrimp Salt Stir-Fried Japanese Honewort and Minced Chicken" received the honorable mention at is the site to search & learn & evaluate about many different kinds of salt(mainly in Japan). This time, they asked for recipes that help to beat the summer heat.

On 11/18, I won the second prize at Taisho Karada Kankyo Aojiru recipe contest. Aojiru is a health drink made from squeezed green leafed vegetables. I made Healthy Green Banana Cottage Cheese Cake. It is light but rich and delicious ;)

On 11/20, my fellow blogger Nazarina passed me some awards: the Premio Arte y Pico award, the Great Buddy Award, a Perfect Blend of Friendship Award, the Good Job Award, and the Inspiration Award!!! Thank you so much!!! I want to pass these to jose and merce, too. I know jo already has those ;)

Then last but not least, my bean recipe passed the initial review! I am going to attend the cook-off on 12/19! I am happy to know this because this is the third year I tried for this contest. Finally!!!

But I can be happy momentarily. I need to try the next one. This is my way...

Good night!
Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Hello Malandro,

    Interesting posts!

  2. Congratulations once again!!

    You pass me the award??How I get it??Sorry because I'm not too familiar with blog..

    Your dishes seem nice.You know,my mum is a great cook and baker too.Early next year when I go back hometown,I will learn some and show you my dishes..

    Hope I can make a great job!!You too..Good luck

  3. Thanks jose,

    Yes :) I will pass you these award banners. Simply you save the image on your PC and upload on your blog. But if you don't want to post on your blog, that is fine! I Just want to thank you being my blog friend!!!

    Your mom does home baking?! How nice!!! I wish I could bake some breads someday...
    Needs time and patience, right? Ha-ha.
    Please let me know what your mom cooks! I look forward to seeing your post ;)

    You know what!? I think I'm gonna get the L'OCCITANE's Immortelle Brightening Renewing Serum and Very Precious Cream soon! I think those really keep my skin bright and moist. I used those samples for 3 times!!!

  4. Wowwwwwwwwww!your really great...I salute you!
    Congratulations for all the recipes you made.
    and i want to thank you for passing me this kind of awrad,it's my honor to recieve,specially from you.

  5. Hello merce,

    Thank you for your congrats!
    I am happy that you liked the awards ;)
    You don't have to post them all, so just pick whatever you like if you feel like!

  6. Hi Ochi,

    Sure,I will take some pics after I go back to my hometown early next year for Chinese New Year.I'm too looking forward to this celebration as my boyfriend going back with me.

    Finally you get yourself L'occitane.I felt myself like a sales girl for this product.I used for around 1 month and I felt my skin really worked with this product.My friends said that my skin more even and moisture than before.I love it.

    My friend just told me this morning saying that there will be a lots of Christmas sets from the L'occitane.I'm not sure Japan got or not,maybe you can go and have a look.

  7. Hi jose,

    >>Chinese New Year
    By the way, are you Chinese? I didn't know that!!!
    I know many Chinese friends who live overseas with their family. Are you the same? Or your hometown is in China?

    >>Christmas sets
    That's what I'm going to get, jose!!!
    I can save 50 bucks for Immortelle Brightening Renewing Serum, Very Precious Cream and the Toner!
    Are you going to get another set of those? Might be a good idea ;)

  8. Hi Ochi,

    I'm absolutely pure Chinese but not from China,from Malaysia.There are a lots of dialect from Chinese peoples and I'm from Foochoow dialect.

    We celebrate Chinese New Year.My hometown call Sarikei which is a very small town in Sarawak.

    I will take some pic when I go back next time.

  9. Hello jose,

    福州?! I don't really know the place, but you haven't been there for a while, don't you?!
    And your boyfriend is Chinese? You speak Chinese to him?
    Very interesting to know about you ;)
    Thanks for writing back!!!


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