Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hi! We are having a warm Christmas this year!!! The temp is going up and down daily. Today, the high was 59F (15C) but it will go down to 44F (7C) tomorrow.

These are some dishes I made this year for Christmas.

My boyfriend is still busy. He came home late last night and left home early this morning. He liked the Gucci tie that I gave him and wore it this morning ;)

Christmas is almost end. Now there are only 6 days left this year. I believe time flies...

Happy Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Merry Christmas..

    Your boyfriend really seem busy.So,you had your own plan for Christmas??I went out shopping with friends.What about you?

    Your Christmas 's dishes seem really nice and colorful..

  2. Wow!it's very it so much.

  3. Hi jose,

    It seems like you had fun on Christmas with your friends ;) That's good!!! I was worried about you. I'm sure the next year will be the bestest with your honey!!!

    Me?! I went to the gym and cooked hamburger steaks for dinner. That was it!

    I think I cooked too much before Christmas. Ha-ha!!!

  4. Arigato merce-san,

    I saw your cake!
    That was cute, too ;)

  5. Hi Ochi,

    Sound like you are having warmer weather there. We are too! Today the sun is shinning, makes a big difference in the coldness!

    Your dishes are wonderful and colorful. I'll post some of my Christmas related pictures soon!

    What did your boyfriend get you?

  6. Thanks You Ochisan!
    We had fun in our two days parties.December 24 and 25,but in different places.
    and yesterday,we had another schedule again.
    But,today and tommorow we are going to the beach.

    See you and Take care Always!

  7. Ohayo jo,

    Today, we have warm weather again! I am going to clean windows before it gets cold.

    I will look forward to seeing your Christmas pictures!!!

    My boyfriend? He was so busy that he couldn't have time to get something... but that's okay because he said he will go shopping with me and get something, in other words, I can choose what I want ;)

  8. Hi merce,

    How nice you had 2 parties!!! Sounds fun!!!
    To the beach?! I envy your everlasting summer!


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