Friday, December 5, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hello. The wind is in the south, so we have very warm and comfortable temperature. Needless to say, it is going to rain in the afternoon :(

As usual, I will list my recent accomplishments.

On 11/7, I finally won the grand prize at QBB's cheese recipe contest! QBB is a company located in Kobe. They manufacture and sell cheese and milk products. Also they sell nuts, margarine, and chocolates (such as Lindt). Every year they ask people for recipes using their products. I have been applying for this contest since 2006, and finally I did it! My awarded recipe is "Cheese in Pork Ball, Black Vinegar Sauce".

On 12/1, I won the cranberry award at Cookpad's cranberry recipe contest. The top prize was Home Bakery which I wrote before. Like I said, I put a lot of effort into it, but it was just my luck... Anyway, my "Chinese Style Cranberry Steamed Rice" was awarded.

On 12/1, my "Christmas Shiratama Dumplings, Healthy Tofu Custard" was posted on Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg)'s website. They asked me and others who regularly post recipes to create sample Christmas recipes using their egg. Shiratama is mochi-like dessert dumplings. I poured a mixture made from tofu + egg + sugar + vanilla flavoring. It really tastes like custard ;)

Then on 12/3, my seasoning recipe received a prize at kondateclub: the site introduces seasonal dishes. Every month, they ask for some recipes based on a topic. I sometimes apply for it, but I never got a grand prize and this time as well. I need to try again. My awarded seasoning is balsamic vinegar + sesame oil. It is really good! I have some recipes using this seasoning:
- Italian Gimbap
- Italian Japanese Natto
- Japanese Balsamic Salmon Tartar Sandwich
- Sesame Balsamic Cream Cheese Sandwich
Sorry, those recipes are in Japanese...

This week I was going to translate my recipe but didn't have a chance to :( I will try the next week!

Yesterday, I had eyelash extensions done! 55 eyelashes for each! They last for 10-30 days depending on how you care!!! You can't use mascara, scrub your eyes, sleep on your tummy... etc. Honestly, too much to care! To keep beauty is not easy.

Again, I'm gonna see my friend after a long time this afternoon. Hope it won't rain hard...
Have a good weekend :)

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  1. Another best recipes you made..
    speaking of kobe,yesterday my husband is there,untill today to visit my family friend.
    and what i remembered kobe is,my jako is from there.

  2. Hi Ochi,

    How much your eys extensions cost??
    Here,I do it for RM70..

    After the extensions,my eyes incredibly big and nice..But a bit costly for me as every months need to fix it back..

  3. Congrads Ochi,

    How wonderful, see your talent is coming through! Your photos and dishes look wonderful, I just made fried rice last night. I love it, I forgot to put egg in, I like scrambled eggs in mine!

    How do the extentions look, I would love to get some someday. :)

  4. Looking at the photos alone makes me hungry!


  5. Congrats Ochi,
    Your dishes are worthy of grand prizes!They are flavorful and beautiful! Wayyyyyy! to go!!!!

  6. Thank you merce-san,

    Your family friend is in Kobe?! That's good!!!
    That's why you can visit Japan often ;)
    Is jako in Kobe good? I've never tried it. Anyway, you know many Japanese stuff!

  7. Hi jose,

    I have a big news! I bought the L'OCCITANE's Christmas set!!!
    I will show you on my blog today if I have time ;)

    RM70 is really cheap! You will be surprised... Mine was about RM246 but usually over RM390!!!

  8. Ohayo jo,

    Thanks for your encouraging comments! I feel like I can do it!
    I love fried rice with scrambled eggs, too!!!

    Now I got used to wash my face, but still inconvenient sometimes... but they look nicer!

  9. Hello AC,

    Thanks for coming!!!
    I hope you had something to eat :)
    I will visit your blog if I get a chance!

  10. Hi Nazarina,

    Thanks for congrats!
    Maybe worthy only this time & in Japan... Your's is always par excellence! I need to learn your creativity!!!


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