Monday, December 8, 2008

L'OCCITANE Immortelle Very Precious Cream Noel Gift

Finally! I got the L'OCCITANE's Immortelle series on the weekend! What I got is "L'OCCITANE Immortelle Very Precious Cream Noel Gift" which includes, Essential Face Water, Very Precious Concentrate, and Very Precious Cream! In addition, I got "Very Precious Eye Serum". Total of about 27,000yen ($270)! But this set saves 5,000yen ($50) and there was a refund of 6% ;) Thank you jose! L'OCCITANE is very popular in Japan (they have a presence nationwide), but I didn't realize it until she recommended it to me. I tried more than 5 times (made 5 trips to get some samples, ha-ha), so I am sure those agree with my skin! I still use my KOSE skin care, so I just bought L'OCCITANE's night series. Let's see how I can change...

Anyway, tomorrow (12/9) is my birthday! My boyfriend and I took 2 days off to visit HUIS TEN BOSCH: the world’s finest flower resort in Nagasaki prefecture (in Kyushu). We'll also make a brief stop in Fukuoka, jo!
The weather tomorrow in Nagasaki now says cloudy, fair later! The temp is higher, too! The high is 64F (18C)!!! Last week, the forecast showed rain, so I was disappointed... Tokyo is rain instead but not in the morning! Great!!!! I hope I can relax without thinking of cooking!!!

I think I am going to be very busy this week. Especially on Friday, I have to attend the bean cook-off! I thought it was on 12/19, but was wrong... glad I noticed! Also, company year-end party is on the same day. Plus I need to fix my bank mag card... somehow, it won't read since yesterday. I can't get cash! :( How inconvenient that bank counter closes after 5!

I hope everything will turn out fine...

Bye for now :)
I need to charge batteries for my camera!

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