Saturday, January 3, 2009

After Happy Days

How nice, we have clear blue sky almost every day! We feel a slight chill in the high of 50F (10C), but nice enough!

Few hours ago, I saw Mt. Fuji with the sunrise, but now the sun has set... Isn't it sad!? Days are too short. I miss all my holidays which will end tomorrow...

Last night, my boyfriend and I had a dinner with my family. Maybe it was since last winter that we gatherd together. My dad now resides in China, so we aren't seeing each other that often. I was kind of lazy to see my family, but despite my feeling, it was fun!

Today, my boyfriend left for Shiga to see his parents. He just e-mailed me that his mom has recovered really well! Thanks to God!!! He will be there until Monday. I didn't go with him because my work starts from Monday. Anyway, isn't it funny that I feel lonely?! Didn't I hope to be alone?! Maybe not after happy days!!!

Tomorrow, I need to cook to fill my quota! I hope everything goes fine.

How was your holidays?!

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