Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Accomplishments

Hi! We are blessed with fine weather every day. I wish we could have more new year's holidays!!! My work started from yesterday :(

Today, I will list the rest of my accomplishments last year.

On 12/13, I received a copy of recently released Taiwan version of sweet recipes book which of the Japanese version was published by Cookpad in 2006/11. My recipe (Ginger Cheese Pancake Christmas Tree) is on this book, too. Can jose read this?

On 12/25, my Spiral Salmon with Black Vinegar Sauce using black vinegar won 3 bottles of black vinegar juice! This recipe is very healthy and interesting ;) I rolled nutmeg seasoned cottage cheese and shiso (Japanese basil) with smoked salmon, and poured dashi flavored black vinegar sauce.

On 12/26, I won a family award at Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg)'s contest. I hope I won... I mean, my name wasn't listed on their website but on their e-mail newsletter, which was confusing...

Last week, I counted the numbers of awards I received in 2008 and found not that many... I have been trying this contest stuff for about 3 years, but maybe it might be time to go on to the next step! Will see... I will try to move on this year!
But every time when I feel a pressure in my life, I try to think that I should be happy being healthy. Why do I want further?!

Changing my story, yesterday, I saw on the news that Wedgewood went bankrupt! Couldn't believe it!!! I wasn't that fan of the brand, but I feel sad since I knew the name for a long time...
Waterford Wedgwood files for bankruptcy

We don't know what might happen the next :(
Best wishes for our future!!!

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    I see you changed your photo, your hair is so long. Very pretty!

    Congrads on your accomplishments. I know how you feel about not winning much! But your ambition is what makes me want to enter my stuff too.

    Thanks for the help on my words, the first one seemed to fit well, the other two not so well! I'm not sure what the alphabet is, but I got those words from google translation.

    Your salmon recipe looks wonderful, and very appetizing! I'm not familiar with Wedgewood, but the merchandise is beautiful!

    I still have my cold, and my glands are swollen. I'll try to get to bed earlier tonight! :)

  2. Konnichiwa Ochisan!
    speaking of shiso,i don't really like that taste and it's smell.

  3. Hi jo,

    Sounds like you caught the sticky cold!!!
    Please don't overexert yourself!

    >>I see you changed your photo
    Yes! Because my HP server went down and didn't come back for few days... I used to link my image directly from the server, but I changed! I took this picture before I changed my hair color to the darker one, taken last summer in NY!!! My hair is still dark now :(

    >>your ambition is what makes me want to enter my stuff too
    Am I encouraging you?!
    I'm glad to hear that!!!
    Hope everything goes well!!!

    >>I got those words from google translation.
    If you have the original words or sentences in Japanese, I can translate them, so please feel free to ask me ;)

  4. Konnichiwa merce-san,

    Oh! I'm sorry to hear that you don't like shiso.
    I hope you like it someday ;)

  5. next time,i will try and try and try.

  6. Yes merce,

    Try it again!
    But I understand you. If it's about the smell, you might don't like it again. I don't like cilantro leaf, to tell the truth... I've tried it for many times. Sometimes I can eat but not all the time, you know...


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