Friday, January 9, 2009

Cloned Hidagyu Beef on Tables?!

Hi! No snow today, but sleety rain is forecast for today :(

Day before yesterday, I saw an interesting news on TV and on the Internet.
"Japanese researchers have successfully cloned what is believed to have been the progenitor ox of Gifu Prefecture’s ‘‘Hidagyu’’ beef, prefectural officials said Tuesday. The successful cloning of the ox, which died in 1993 and was preserved by freezing, could help to revive cattle with higher quality meat."
Researchers clone ox known as 'father of Hidagyu' beef
Cloning breakthrough raises prospect of creating calves from supermarket beef
Image is from Takayama Green Hotel.

Why Japanese insist on quality?!
I don't much care for the beef, so I want scientists to put an importance on safety... I don't think I want to eat it although cloned beef is said to be safe in other countries.

Do you think cloned beef is perfectly safe?

Monday is "Seijin no hi" (Coming-of-Age Day), so we are off again! Three-day weekend, yay!

Have a good one ;)

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