Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Accomplishments

Hi! It is sunny but cold almost daily. I opened a pocket warmer. Do you use it in your country?

I will list my first accomplishments this year!

On 1/7, I won diet pills by submitting my healthy recipe. Diet pills?! Anyway, better than nothing! Ha-ha!!! It was for the first 700 applicants, so the probability was pretty high! I submitted my healthy rice gratin. It's sauce is made from soy milk and yam.

On the same day, my Valentines Day recipe (Butterfly Cream Cheese Cupcake) was posted on Cookpad's contest page, as a sample recipe for the upcoming Kraft's Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest! I used the cream cheese for both cupcakes and frosting (white chocolate ganache colored green). The slight sour taste of the cream cheese is delicious!!! For the butterflies, I used raspberry chocolate.

Again, on the same day, my "Daikon and Mochi Japanese Curry" was introduced as a surprising recipe in the newsletter published by

Then on 1/12, this recipe luckily won the grand prize at hot food recipe contest organized by! Thanks for selecting my recipe!

On 1/9, I finally won the grand prize at Asahi Food & Healthcare's diet recipe contest. They manufacture health care products, yeast extract, organic foods, and freeze-dried foods, such as chunky ingredients, aim to be a creator of wholesome living styles. I submitted my "Diet Sakuraebi and Mushroom Fried Rice" cooked with a microwave.

Yesterday, the gym was almost empty! There was no treadmill available last weekend, though... I saw many people coming to view and becoming a member after the new year's holidays, so might be crowded again this weekend!!!

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