Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reversed Chocolate

Today is sunny again, but we need to be careful not to catch the flu when the air is dry! I wear a mask on the train, gargle and wash my hands for protection!

Anyway, here in Japan, women give chocolate to men on Valentine's Day. Then funny, but on 3/14, men give gifts (used to be candies) to women in return for the chocolate they were given. So some women give chocolate with expectation, out of courtesy!
However, this year, Valentine's Day is on Saturday, so many chocolate manufacturers expect the downturn in sales: no work or schools, so women are expected to buy only the chocolate for someone special! Thus, some of the chocolate manufacturers promote "reversed chocolate" to target men to give chocolate to women. This morning, I saw on TV that Godiva has a Valentine's Day chocolate that costs $15 a piece in a jewel-box-like box!!! Also, there are some funny ones which packages are printed in reverse. The image above is one of them.

How about in your country?
I should tell my boyfriend about "reversed chocolate" and ask him to take me out for dinner! Ha-ha ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    Here in Malaysia we din have any tradition on girl sending chocolate to guy..

    Usually guy bring girl out for dinner,send gift like flowers or chocolate and some give couple cell phone too..

    I'm getting excited when Valentine Day reach,don't know what gift I will get from Ken.

  2. Hello Ochi,

    Here I think it depends on the person! I didn't used to give a gift for Valentines for my sweetie, but in the past years I've given him his favorite chocolate too. If not I would just dress in something sexy.

    Funny how you have two different days! Amazing how expensive chocolate has become! I can't see spending $15 for one piece!

  3. Hi jose,

    Thanks for sharing info! Interesting to know about in Malaysia!!!
    Cell phone sounds fun!
    What was the greatest gift you received from Ken?
    I'm just curious. Maybe let me know on your Valentine's day post ;)

  4. Ohayo jo,

    Dress in something sexy, sounds fun!!!
    You always entertain your hubby ;) I like the way you two are together!!!

    Me neither! I can't imagine spending $15 for a piece, too. But I want to try how it tastes! The description says it tastes like a rose.


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