Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Decorated Chocolate Bar

Hello! It is nice and sunny today again, but we have flu warning nationwide! How scary...

Here is another chocolate recipe! I posted the image before so someone might remember it ;)

Decorated Chocolate Bar

Difficulty: Really Easy
Time: depend on you
Number of servings: 1

1 chocolate bar of your choice
sprinkles of your choice
chocolate pen or chocolate to attach sprinkles

1. Attach the sprinkles on to the chocolate bar using melted chocolate pen or chocolate.

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

Tomorrow, I am going to have nabe for lunch with my co-worker. Kind of looking forward to it from now ;)

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  1. Konbanwa Ochi,

    How pretty you decorated your candy bar. You must of spent a lot of time to prepare this! I love how you did the squares. It's not cold enough there to kill flu germs. We are having snow and ice and then more snow, on top of the ice and snow we already have! Crazy huh! :)

  2. Hi jo,

    I used tweezers to decorate ;) They are convenient!

    Sounds freezing at your place!!! Does the cold weather at certain temperature kill germs?! Here the air is dry, so the germs are thriving!!!

  3. Hi ochisan!
    Decorated chocolate,wowwwww!
    If i have that chocolate,i will not eat.

  4. My love to eat post,is lechon baboy.
    which is very common food here in my country,in all occasions.

  5. Hello merce-san,

    Thanks! I'm glad you liked my chocolate ;)

  6. Thanks merce-san again,

    Wow! Common food?! Like peking duck in China?! No?!

  7. Yes,but we have another common food aside from lechon baboy,we called lechon manok(grilled chicken).maybe next time,i will make a post for that.

  8. yes,i like your chocolate,the way you did.

    thanks for sharing ochisan!

  9. merce-san,

    Is that also bird shaped?! Looking forward to seeing it!!!

  10. Good day ochisan!
    Here in my country,there's a lot of store only for this lechon baboy.
    and also my father,he did as well in some occasions.

    Thank you again for your comments ochisan!

  11. Really!? merce-san,

    Sounds scary to make this, but looks yummy! I always learn a lot from you. Thank you ;)


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