Friday, February 20, 2009

Awarding Ceremony: Dishes for Niigata Rice

Hello! It is raining and cold today. I'm glad it didn't rain yesterday!!!

Yesterday, I attended an awarding ceremony. It was about the contest that asked for recipes which goes good with white rice of Niigata prefecture (rice is the principal product in Niigata).

As a special guest, Maron-san (famous food stylist) was invited to the ceremony, and he gave us some feedback! He was a friendly person like we see on TV! There were 255 entries, so I am glad that mine got a place! I took many pictures with him for a keepsake ;)

This time, we didn't have to cook, but chefs at the restaurant cooked our award winning recipes to try out. Mine is "Yam and Tomato Scrambled Egg" and received the yummy award!

Moreover, what surprised me was that I met the same lady for the 3rd time at this ceremony. Whenever I see her, I always feel like seeing my old friend! She is really a nice person. Also, I saw a lady who I met 3 years ago at the cheese contest. Isn't this amazing?

Then last but not least, my high school classmate was working at the reception desk! It was after more than 10 years to see her!!!
I think I was very right to take a day off from work yesterday :)

The prize for this award was $300 worth of sukiyaki beef! I don't cook sukiyaki at home, but I will this weekend when it arrived! Should be delicious ;)

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