Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Accomplishments

Believe it or not, the high today is 69F (21C) and was 62F (17C) yesterday because of the south wind! I hope it won't rain...

Today, I will list my accomplishments as usual.

In the beginning of February, two of my miso recipes appeared in the miso recipe book published by Megami's Recipes site. The site is currently closed (as I wrote before) but they sometimes do an activity. Some people have more than two recipes published in the book! To tell the truth, I didn't expect the book to turn out this nice, so I just submitted two recipes... I regret not making a full effort!

On 2/6, my steamed rice using "leftover beans" from Mamemaki (bean scattering) was introduced on Orangepage's website. The site was newly opened on 2/3 and I am keeping a diary there to see how it works. I am not sure whether to continue to post or not.

On 2/9, my Fruit Layered Pound Cake won a message award at the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest organized by Cookpad. I mixed strawberry and banana paste in the cake, too.

On 2/11, I again won the Outstanding Performance Award at Asahi Food & Healthcare's diet recipe contest. I submitted my "Microwave Cooked Juicy Chicken Balls".

On 2/11, my "LOVE Message Chocolate Chunk Muffins" was introduced as the 2nd place in the newsletter published by On that week, the theme was "Valentine's day recipe, different than usual". Thanks for selecting my recipe!

Then again, I recently won some interesting samples: turmeric pills for drinkers, Mary's chocolate for Valentine's day, hyaluronan acid and collagen pills for beautiful skin.

Today, I am busy, so I gotta go now!
Have a happy Valentine's day ;)

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