Monday, February 16, 2009


How was your Valentine's day?

Me? Nothing special!
I went to the gym with my boyfriend and had sushi with him for dinner. Not going there for a while, the sushi restaurant has changed it's interior to kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi)! I never pick a dish on the conveyor belt (because some are not fresh), but it is more entertaining having it at a sushi restaurant :) Their fish was huge, so we had a very satisfying meal. We ate and drank whatever we want and the total was about $50 (5,000yen)! Maybe cheaper than eating out at Izakaya (a type of Japanese drinking establishment)!

So, our Valentine's day was a happy ordinary day ;)

Anyway, I think I caught a cold. I have a sore throat :( Too bad since I wore a mask and gargled to protect against colds evey day! Hope it won't get worse...

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