Monday, February 16, 2009


How was your Valentine's day?

Me? Nothing special!
I went to the gym with my boyfriend and had sushi with him for dinner. Not going there for a while, the sushi restaurant has changed it's interior to kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi)! I never pick a dish on the conveyor belt (because some are not fresh), but it is more entertaining having it at a sushi restaurant :) Their fish was huge, so we had a very satisfying meal. We ate and drank whatever we want and the total was about $50 (5,000yen)! Maybe cheaper than eating out at Izakaya (a type of Japanese drinking establishment)!

So, our Valentine's day was a happy ordinary day ;)

Anyway, I think I caught a cold. I have a sore throat :( Too bad since I wore a mask and gargled to protect against colds evey day! Hope it won't get worse...

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Your Valentine's sounded much like mine! We went out for lunch, priced new carpeting for our home, and I got a hair trim! We don't have many restaurants with conveyor belts for food. I could see your point with the freshness part!

    Take care of your cold, seems no matter what we do the germs still enter our bodies! :)

  2. Good morning Ochisan!

    Oh!please don't forget to drink medicines.
    Speaking of zushi,sometimes we went to "kappa-zushi"

    anyway,my valentines celebration are also simple,we went to mall,dinner in a buffet style restaurant,and go home.
    But he bought for me a gift"he gift is for the whole year,peace offering for our misunderstanding,Valentines,Birthday,
    and christmas day.
    Please take care!

  3. I'm sorry ochisan,about my lemon grass post,i know for soup base taste.
    but for other things,i don't know.
    and we used oil,from coconut fruit.

  4. Hi jo,

    I think an ordinary day is beatitude ;) Your day sounds peaceful!

    Since I took cold medicine this morning, I am feeling better. I didn't want to depend on it, but better than having a pain in my throat!

  5. Hi merce-san,

    Thank you for your concern!

    Peace offering?! Sounds important!!! What did you get as a gift?! If you have a chance to take a picture, let me see ;)

  6. Hello merce-san,

    I don't use lemon grass that often for my cooking, too.
    Oil from coconut fruit sounds tropical! Is that handmade?

  7. Hello ochisan!
    No,it's not...just like an ordinary processing.

  8. Hello again Ochisan!
    how's your feeling right now?are you now okey?i hope so..
    anyway,my gift is a LeSportsac handcarry travelling bag,for my next month vacation in your country.
    I hope temperature is good for me,by that time.

    Take care!

  9. Hello again merce-san,

    The medicine worked, so I am feeling really better than before! Thanks for your concern :)

    You coming to Japan that soon! How nice!!! I think it will be warmer in March. Maybe you will see sakura in full bloom!!!

  10. Kombanwa Ochisan!
    Yes,my husband told me that.
    before,i really want to see sakura in full bloom.
    my wish will be granted.

    Thanks a lot ochisan!

  11. merce-san,

    I hope you have a good time in Japan ;)


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