Monday, February 9, 2009

My Rice Cooker was NOT Broken!

Yesterday, I made a mess cooking rice. I thought I can cook "milky rice" with water + soy milk, but the rice didn't absorb the soy milk, so the rice was half raw. It was not edible, unfortunately...

I cooked white rice right after and made sure that my rice cooker was not broken.

I sometimes make a big mistake with confidence. I guess I'd better not expect too much!

Oh, speaking of expecting something too much, my chocolate recipe which I submitted to the chocolate recipe contest didn't get a place!!! I know I can't always win, but sometimes I am sure that my idea is pretty good :( You know what I mean?!?!

Well... I will do my best!
Hope something good can come out of something bad!!!

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  1. Well, failure is source of success. So, there is no harm doing trial and error.

    Otherwise, you really cannot come up with something original, I think.

    I make a lot of error while experimenting on my experiment as well :)

  2. Ochi,

    Great that you tried everything,even failed at least you tried too.

    Never ever give up,Ochi.But I knew you won't.You're a tough girl..

  3. Hi Ochi,
    Sorry about the contest! But you sure make fantastic dishes which are always winners in my book! I do not have a rice cooker but would sure like to see if I could use one!!!
    I try to make things outside of my comfort level all the time and fail all the time ha! ha!
    Heh Ochi, you are always asking about my camera, well I have the cheapest camera ha! ha! The one thing that I have learned is to take my pictures outside in the natural light. I always thought that my pictures were not that special but you always say that you like them, so I must be doing something right ha! ha! Thanks for your" vote of confidence."

  4. Hi Hide-san,

    Yesterday, I read my horoscope on a magazine and it said that the chance of success comes later this year... I think I am reading this kind all the time every year.

    I know. I make a lot of small mistakes, but sometimes I feel like wasting time when it is not edible like this... you know :(

    But thanks for your comment! I will take it easy!!!

  5. Hi jose,

    Yes. I will never give up. But sometimes I feel like I need to give up when it is taking so long to reach the goal...
    I will do my best, though!!!
    Thanks jose!!!

  6. Hi Nazarina,

    Thanks about your camera!!!
    Really!? Maybe it might be your personality that makes all your work gorgeous! I think you are doing really right. I need to be more like you!!!

  7. Hi Ochi,

    I'm glad your rice cooker was not broken. I feel really bad that I didn't take my mom's rice cooker, when we moved her out. I put in the stuff to throw out. Stupid me, she said it makes the best rice!

    I know it seems crazy, but I always seem to win things when I least expect it! Keep on trying Ochi, you do great work!

  8. Don be sad even you didn't get a place in your chocolate recipe. We will always support you.

  9. Hi jo,

    What a pity! I know that the rice cooker is available anywhere nowadays, but it is hard to get it until you really need it!
    Hope you have a chance to get it someday ;)

    >> when I least expect it
    Sounds the same as me.
    I hope someday I can overcome that jinx...

  10. Hello anGeLine,

    Thanks for your kind words.
    I am sometimes like this... sorry :(
    But thanks for your support.


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