Wednesday, February 25, 2009

White Strawberries

Hi! The high today is 50F (10C) and raining every day! It seems like the weather went back to the winter!

Few days ago, I saw white strawberries called "hatsukoi-no-kaori" (scents of the first love) on TV. It is now available at $10 per piece at department stores!
Those berries are created by Miyoshi Agritech Co. in Yamanashi prefecture. They spent more than 10 years to create white berries which are as sweet and succulent as the red ones! Despite the high prices, they are a hit with consumers and used at hotel restaurants as well! The company says they can't keep up with production!!!
Very interesting, but I don't think I'm gonna get one to try out. It is way too expensive!

Anyway, there are too many stuff that I cannot go far enough to purchase. For instance, at the gym, they sell personal trainer program ($60 per hour) for people who can't make a change by themselves. Actually, my fat is not burning at all (it went almost back to the start), so I am thinking of taking this program, but still can't decide... Also, speaking of eyelash extensions, they sell mascara that you can wear over the extensions at $30, but this is too expensive for me to have it in addition. Moreover, the massage machine I wrote the other day, I still haven't decided to get it. They all are NOT necessary, so that is why I can't decide... I know.

However, my boyfriend bought me the juke tower for my Christmas present that he hasn't get me yet! Yay! But I just thought I should have asked him to buy something necessary... like L'OCCITANE products...
Anyway, it gonna arrive today, so I am looking forward to it ;)

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