Friday, March 13, 2009

The Day Before White Day

On White Day (3/14), men give gifts (used to be candies) to women in return for the chocolate they were given on Valentine's Day. Since tomorrow is Saturday (no work), my co-workers gave me some sweet treats! I didn't expect something in return, so I was really good-humored today at work. Very simple girl! Ha-ha!!!

One guy gave me fondant au chocolat of 36sticks. The other guy gave me ganache balls. I tried the fondant au chocolat with other girl and guys since he gave me four of them. It was sophisticated and was not very sweet. I thought I could eat them all by myself, but of course I didn't. I was afraid of getting pimples, seriously!!! The ganache balls, I saved them for the next week ;)

I was partly having a bad day but those sweet stuff made me happy!

I don't expect that much but I hope my boyfriend has an idea for White Day, tomorrow! Will see...

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  1. Konnichi wa Ochi,

    How nice you received gifts from your guy co-workers. Chocolate always cheers me up!

    We don't have a holiday like that here! Just Valentines, but tomorrow is St. Patricks Day, and Easter is coming too!

    I hope you get something special from your boyfriend! :)

  2. Ohayo jo,

    We finally having fine weather this week.

    I know you like chocolate :)
    Me, too. Especially at work, I can't stop eating it!

    We celebrate lot other events in the US here, but not St. Patricks Day and Easter. Maybe they are too religious for us. I like the way you celebrate Easter, though. Fun for kids ;)


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