Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hi! How many hours of sleep do you get every night?
Me? I get 5-6 hours of sleep a night... I wish I could sleep more, but I have too much to do in a day.

But recently, I had a chance to try a drink called "Gussumin" that improves the quality of sleep. Actually, I won 3 bottles as a free sample. It is not a medicine. It is a drink that combines tomato vinegar from fully ripened tomatoes and GABA. Lion and Ota Sleep Center have found that tomato vinegar and GABA helps improve sleep quality in 2006 (Reference). I didn't believe in their research findings for a long time, but it really did work, amazingly!

Last month, I had a day that I really thought I couldn't wake up in the morning, so I had the "Gussumin" before I go to bed. The next day, I didn't feel tired at all! To make sure, I tried it again on a different day and it did work the same! Is this because I didn't expect too much from it?

What is good about it is it contains only 8kcal per bottle, allows drink before sleep! I think I should get one for my boyfriend since he is busy without a good sleep for about a week! Let me make an experiment on him!

By the way, it is pretty expensive. It costs 250yen ($2.50) per bottle, so I don't think I'm gonna drink it that often.

Good night!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    I usually get about the same as you, and I get the eye twitches from lack of sleep!

    I've never been one to use sleep aids, always afraid of becoming addicted! An interesting way to fall asleep with a drink! Wine has the same effect on me! :)

  2. Konbanwa jo,

    I know! I sometimes get eye twitches, too. Maybe once in 3 or more months. I didn't think that was from lack of sleep!!! I need to be careful.

    This drink might not work if I depend on it every day. I think this is common to anything we take for health.

    Speaking of wine, I used to drink red wine while cooking. But it made me so drowsy that I couldn't stay up late, so I stopped! Maybe I was just drunk, though...


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