Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nice Italian Cuisine

It is still cold but the sun came out again!
I think sakura will be in full bloom by this weekend!!!

Yesterday, we had a convivial party at an Italian restaurant in Omotesando. The party was hosted by our president (for female employees only) and we enjoyed foods in season complemented by wines! The course meal was similar to what we had last year, but since I was not familiarized with the place at that time, it didn't stand out in my memory. However, this year, I could savor the taste! All dishes were really delisious!!! I was so excited that I reserved the restaurant for my boyfriend's birthday, of course, at a special price ;)
I can't wait to go there!!!

And now for something completely different, I heared a shocking news from my mom this morning. My bedridden grandfather on the father's side contracted pneumonia, lying at death's door... He is going to be 94 on May 9th. Last time I saw him was about 2 years ago, after he recovered from a stroke. I have a very nice picture of him with grandma. He was doing fine for a while but it relapsed. Since then he was bedridden and now he is suffering from pneumonia. How fragile our life is...

Let's appreciate every day!

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