Monday, March 30, 2009

Sakura is in Delay

Hello! The high is 53F (12C) and chilly almost daily, so the sakura buds are still closed. However the closest viewing spot is now illuminated :( They will end the light-up on 4/1! I think they should extend the time...

Anyway, there are too many unpleasant things going on around me. I am keep on losing Cookpad's contests. My effort won't match with results!!! They don't offer that big prizes so it is not about the prize, but the recognition for my effort! Damn it!!! Then yesterday, I was sorry to see that Mao Asada couldn't stand on the podium at ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2009. I hope she can do it the next time! Then about my grandpa, he passed away on the 29th. In ordinary circumstances, the wake and funeral will be held immediately, but since my grandpa was a monk, we need to wait until related parties to hold a mass. I am very shocked to hear about his death, but what made me more nervous is my boyfriend... A girl is calling his cell at night! Can you believe it!? He doesn't change his attitude towards me, so I might be wrong... I want to believe I am wrong!!!

Sorry for my complaints...
I hope everything will be fine when spring comes!

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  1. Mandi Webster-MartinMarch 31, 2009 at 12:34 AM

    I'm very sorry to hear about your grandpa. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi Ochi,

    So sorry for your loss! Your grandpa an important priest! Hard to find good paying contests anymore!

    Keep an eye on your boyfriend! How would he like a guy calling on your cellphone! You need to answer that cellphone and tell her to quit calling your boyfriend! Just a suggestion!


    I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. It must be such a great lost.

    About your relationship, I think honesty and being open are the most important things to have a long-lasting and great relationship. If you are in doubt, I would just ask him. The sooner the better!

    I hope the beautiful cherry blossoms will cheer you up a bit.


  4. Hello Mandi,

    Thank you for your concern.
    There are many things going on and my mind is restless...
    I hope I feel better soon, too...

  5. Ohayo jo,

    Yes. It is hard to find good paying ones... is that the same for the poems?!

    My boyfriend says "there is no problem" but still, I can't help worrying about him!!! I wish I could say that to her, but my boyfriend will get angry if I answer his cell :(

    It is funny that for us the cell is private. Why can't we share it!? I don't mind if he sees mine...

  6. Hisashiburi!!! Tomi-san,

    Thank you for your advise!
    >The sooner the better!
    That's what I thought! I can easily forget about it but that will cause the same thing over and over again. So this time, I am asking him to introduce me his co-workers. He wasn't happy about it, though...

    >being open
    Do you share your cell with your hubby? I don't mind, but my boyfreind keeps it private. It makes me feel suspicious!

    I don't know why bad things happens at once... but in this way I won't be crying every day... It might be my grandpa's kindness.

  7. Ochi,

    How you today?Feeling much better??Quite sad to lose a family member though..

    I think you should let your boyfriend know that you don't like what he done to you,i mean calling other girl..

    Must keep on eyes on your boyfriend.We never know what will happen.

    Ochi,bad things will gone soon..Cheers..

  8. I don't share my cell phone, but I don't hide it either.

    I think though that there could be some things going on with your boyfriend. Actually, I went through the same thing.

    Maybe he doesn't want to settle down or he is not 100% confident? I am not sure, but if that is the case, you should allow him some time to sort it out.

    I don't mean I think it is ok for him to cheat.

    And if he does need to sort things out, you should be somewhat part of it. You know what I mean?

    I think all relationships have these ups and downs. Just tell him how you feel in a calm matter.

    I am not sure if any of this helps, but...

  9. Hi Jo,
    Sorry to hear about your grandpa!!

    And about your boyfriend, maybe you can ask him for the truth!! Explanation from him is important to continue your relationship.

    Hope you will get will soon!! Bless you!!

  10. Hello jose,

    Thanks! I am feeling better now. Getting busy again doing my stuff...

    I can't call the girl because I know my boyfriend won't like it! He said "trust me", so I will! But of course I will keep my eyes on him!!!

  11. Tomi-san,

    Thanks for your advise! He keeps quiet and listens, so many girls rely on him. I said to him not to listen too much because some girls will get carried away, calling late at night!!!

    Oops... I wasn't in a calm manner, but I told him how I feel!!! I hope he understands and won't forget about it. Sometimes things loop back :(

  12. Hi anGeLine,

    I tried to ask him the truth, but I won't know the truth until I see them talking together... you know what I mean?!

    But I think I said everything I need to say...

    Thanks for your concern!!!


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