Monday, March 9, 2009

Point Cards

Do you get point cards if available?

I do, but I don't want to carry many cards with me so sometimes I deliberate a long time. In January, the cafe I used to go closed, so I started go to a different cafe near station. For the first 2 times, I thought I wouldn't go there that often, so I didn't make a point card, but on Saturday, when I went there for the 3rd time, I thought I should better make one. At the register, the cashier told me that if I have the receipts of the past purchases, I can still get points! However, I realized that I have shredded them the day before when I organized my wallet...
But sometimes I have a run of luck! The receipts I shredded got jammed, so I gave up and threw away as-is. Do you think I can get points with those?!

Changing my story, I have sore muscles all over the body... Yesterday, the personal trainer came to me and talked to me for about an hour (about enrolling the program, etc...) while I was training on the step machine. I was actually exhausted but since he is a trainer, I thought I shouldn't stop exercising... How pretentious of me...

The weather is not nice again. But it seems like everyone is healthy under this bad weather. Funny but many people around me got sick when the sun came out! My orthodontist went into the hospital last week :( I hope he gets well soon and hope my braces won't break until he comes back...

Take care!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I would love to register one if they offer point cards too.

    I was opposite that you.I always carried lots of cards in my wallet,my wallet always the fullest and biggest amongst others.I thought that it was really secure for me to go out..

    Well,not a good habit though because maybe if I lost my wallet I lost everything.But I always carried everything in my bag and wallet,a type of psychologist problem maybe.

  2. Hello Ochi,

    We have point cards here at the grocery store, where you accumulate points for gas. I shop often so the cents can add up, usually I need gas before I can accumulate! Most of the time around 20-25 cents off per gallon of gas.

    I've sore muscles too, I'm walking my sisters dog further for her walks. Good for me and the dog! Our weather turned cold again too!

  3. Hi jose,

    You carry all your cards?! That is something new about you!!! I can't imagine carrying all of them in my wallet. But I am like you, I want to keep everything close to me (just in case), so my bag is big and heavy all the time! I can't use a small cute bag, or I take 2 bags with me, small one and big one! Ha-ha!!!

  4. Ohayo jo,

    You came early today ;)

    20-25 cents off per gallon is a big saving! It is convenient that you can accumulate points at the grocery store!!!
    Speaking of point cards in the US, I like the way they can be attached to key chains!!! I have a collection of cards on my key chain. They are cute, so I like them, though I just use them once in a year when I visit NY.

    Your sister's dog sounds big, but good for you!!! She's a good trainer ;)


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