Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Romanesco Broccoli

It is still gloomy outside. We won't be seeing the sun until next week :(

Do you know romanesco broccoli?
It's a broccoli and cauliflower cross. One day, when I shopped with my boyfriend, he brought me this vegetable and showed me but I ignored him. However the vegetable was featured on TV the other day, so now I am curious to know how it tastes! (Sorry honey...) It costs about 4 bucks per bunch, so too expensive to try out. But anyway, is it only me who don't like the way it looks... kind of makes me feel sick...

Speaking of broccoli, it reminds me of "stick señor". It's a broccoli and Chinese kale called kailaan cross. I want to try this out someday, too!

Yesterday, I felt really depressed about my camera stuff, so I didn't feel like going to the gym... but now I regret that I didn't go, so I will tonight!

See you again!!!

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  1. Hi ochi,
    Your boyfriend will understand...he will not angry with you.
    I never see this kind of vegetable before, you must tell me how it tastes after you try it!! Take care...

  2. Hello Ochisan!
    Our city,will celebrate 72nd founding anniversary this month.

    Very interesting vegetable...please share with us,after you try.

    Good Luck!

  3. the fractal-like romanesco I tried disappointingly tasted almost exactly like cauliflower with a different texture

  4. Hi Ochi,

    I think I saw the remanesco broccoli before! I like the green color, and I like both vegetables. Califlower here is so expensive, haven't eatten for awhile!

    What's up with your camera! I think you take good photos. Mine you have to be perfectly still, if you move alittle the photo is blurry! Mostly when taken of me! HA! HA! :)

  5. Hi anGeLine,

    This vegetable is pretty expensive, so maybe I might try when you forget about it! Ha-ha. Anyway, you know kailaan right? I'm just curious.

  6. Hello merce-san,

    Congratulations! So, everywhere is party, right?! How fun!!!
    Yes. I will write about it when I try, but not sure when. Ha-ha!

  7. Hi Ian,
    You are right. It is fractal-like, so maybe that is why it scares me a little.
    Good to know the taste! Thanks!!! Better tastes like broccoli, though!

    I just searched the net and found opinion is divided into two! I hope it tastes like broccoli for me!

  8. Ohayo jo,

    Yes. Califlower here is expensive, too! I haven't used for my cooking for a long while...

    Talking about my camera, it's a long story, but simply put, I took all my pics for about 2 or more years with low-resolution mode, with my high-quality single-lens reflex camera! How stupid!!! The default was low, so that is why I didn't realize it until recently!

    But thanks for saying I take good photos! That cheers me up!!!

  9. Ochi,

    Ya..I saw this broccoli before in supermarket and the price incredibly expensive compare to normal broccoli..

    The shape looked like a bit of durian..You know what is durian,right??I hate durian because of its smell..but lots of peoples thought I'm stupid who don't know how to appreciate durian.

    This fruit is King of the Fruit..

  10. Hi jose,

    Is durian, the king of the fruit?! I didn't know that!!! I have never tried the real durian, but sometimes people gave me durian snacks for souvenir, they weren't good though...

    I just searched durian and knew it is from Malaysia! Should be tasty there!!!


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