Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wrong Effort

Hi! It's freezing cold today.
It's supposed to snow again in the afternoon! Brrrr...

Well, today is Hinamatsuri, but not having any bright news at all...
Have you ever continued doing something what you think is right for a long time and realized it was wrong after a few years? I just had this kind and remaining deep in the shock. (It happens to me once in a while!) I'm not gonna write about it in detail but it is about my camera setting... I have continued using it for more than 2 years... and was a bad decision!

Yes, never too late to change it from today, but 2 years (730 days) are too long to let it go :(

I found a balloon like jose for myself! Ha-ha-ha X(

Good luck to me and you all, too!!!

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