Sunday, April 26, 2009

Addictive Ganache

After the hard rain yesteday, again we have sunshine today!

Yesterday, my orthodontist gave me a box of Fugetsudo's ganache. It was a late return for the Valentine's day chocolate. Oh my god, this is so addictive that I can't stop... Why this simple mixture of chocolate and cream so addictive! I know it is bad for my health to eat too much... I wish I could eat them all at once!!! If I were young, maybe I could...

Anyway, I just finished cooking for today. Whew...
Now I am thinking weather to run outside or at the gym.

Will see...


I didn't want to get a suntan, so I went to the gym ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    The chocolate wouldn't last long here in my house. Chocolate is my downfall! Did you ever try Hershey's bliss, love it! It's been really warm here upper 80's! It's absolutely gorgeous weather!

  2. Hello Ochi (^_^)/

    That chocolate looks divine! I don't blame you for wanting to eat all of it. My husband made chocolate chip cookies last night, and I was having the same problem. I just couldn't stop eating them(I told him the cookies were "evil")

    I used to go running outside, but now prefer to go to the gym because the treadmills have TV's on them (*^^*)

  3. Hi jo,

    I know Hershey's bliss! I remember the package! But I have never tried it before! I think next time when I visit NY, I should get some ;)

    80s?! What a nice weather!!!
    We have sunshine but it is chilly here today. Hope it gets warm during Golden Week holidays!

  4. Hello ThedaBara,

    Everyone loves chocolate ;)
    I now don't keep any chocolate in my desk at work!!!
    It is funny but I can eat twice as much as usual at work...

    Yes! I prefer to go to the gym, too, because I can run regardless of the weather :)


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