Monday, April 27, 2009

Ginza 300 Bar

I have a lot to write about these few days. One thing I want to write before I forget is about the bar I went on Friday.

How do you sustain your enthusiasm?

As you may know, my enthusiasm for cooking has burned out since I had too much problem with my boyfriend. Whatever I cooked within recent days were unsatisfactory... I thought of going to karaoke, or go shopping to cheer myself up, but somehow I knew it won't work out for this time. Then what I thought was to see someone who is really passionate about being creative. This is how I sometimes sustain my enthusiasm!!!

So, I saw my old friend who is always passionate. I heard now he is into DJ stuff playing at the bar in Ginza (Ginza 300 Bar), so I decided to see him there. Actually, it was for the first time in a decade to see him! Wow!!! Though I don't like a place like a bar where people smoke, it was worth to go there. He did stimulate me beyond what I am doing now! I think he tries hard for everything, which inspire motivation in others.

My weekend project was successful ;)
I hope I can keep this tension for a while.

Let's keep up!

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