Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bento Box for Onigiri

Hi! It is getting warmer day by day. Now the high is 68F (20C)!

I found cute bento boxes for onigiri! You can carry a side dish in it, too :)

Anyway, I am still having worries about my boyfriend... He says there is no problem but I just doubt him... I sometimes feel I should have got married sooner. If we have a child, he/she will be a link between us. I am doing fine, but I realized our relationship is very fragile after 6 years!!! I hope I can get over this feeling... If I could, I believe we can be happy later. I know my work is important, but my love is more important now! Love is truly without reason! I can't do anything else!!!

Sorry about this...
See you again with a different topic the next time!

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