Friday, April 10, 2009

Curry and Rice with Everything!!!

Hi! We have fine weather almost everyday. The high today is 75F (24C)!!! My heart is still freezing, though...

It's not me but my co-worker (a guy) had "curry and rice with everything" for lunch... He forwarded me the image but how unappetizing (image on the left)...

In Japan, at some curry and rice restaurants, we can choose our favorite topping(s). There is a restaurant called CoCo Ichibanya where you can choose from more than 30 topping choices! Some crazy guys tried the curry and rice there with everything (image on the right)... Can you imagine eating this?! Yuck!!! Why guys like to do such a stupid thing...
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Tomorrow I am going on a date with my boyfriend! I'm seeing him for the first time in days. Good luck to me!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,
    I agree with you! I love curry and rice but if one does not know how to incorporate the Indian spices and the presentation is bad, then "yuck" is the correct word.I would not serve
    anyone this! Maybe you should show them how LOL! You are a great cook!

  2. Hi Ochi,

    I agree that the dish is not great on presentation, but we have many buffet restaurants here where food is piled together. This would probrably be pleasing to my husband especially with the fried egg on top!

    We have salad bars here too, where they pile up toppings on a bed of lettuce or greens! I love salad bars.

    I know you and Nazarina are very good with food presentations, so to you this is not appealing! But to a lot of Americans it's a way of life!

    We also have the famous Primanti Restaurants
    where instead of having side dishes with your sandwiches, they throw it all on the sandwich itself, such as coleslaw and frenchfries! No my style though! :)

  3. Hi Ochi,
    Eat curry and rice with everything will make us stomach pain.....!!!
    So, how your relationship with your boyfriend now after going date??

  4. Hi Nazarina,

    Yes. The conbination of spices and herbs used in cooking is important! So as the toppings... I wish I could try your curry and rice!!!
    Those guys are crazy! Ha-ha!!!

  5. Konnichiwa jo,

    I love buffet style :)
    Also, I love salad bars, too!!!
    My presentation at buffet is not nice, though. Ha-ha!!!

    You are right. I think some people in America might like this curry and rice, especially guys!

    Oh my god... Primanti's sandwich... their menu is challenging...

  6. Hi anGeLine,

    Thanks for your concern!
    I think we are doing better than last week... but because of this problem, I couldn't enjoy sakura that much :(


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