Thursday, April 16, 2009


Don't you think being in LOVE makes you want to wear a dress rather than jeans?

Yesterday, I went to shop a dress in Shibuya after work because I realized I didn't have a dress to wear to go on a date with my boyfriend. I bought 2 cute spring dresses at a discounted price :)

After shopping, I met my boyfriend and had a dinner at my favorite open-air cafe in Shibuya! The weather was so nice that we had a really good time. We had avocado shrimp salad, tandoori chicken, and taco rice. All dishes came with a lot of vegetables and were delicious!!!

Then surprisingly, he gave me some cute flowers! There was nothing special on this day, so I was really amazed, but on the other hand I was really happy :)

After 6 years, we are still like lovers and I thought I want to be in love with him forever!!!

I was going to die when I thought he was cheating, but it's good to be alive!

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