Monday, April 20, 2009

How Do You Keep Your Romance Alive?

The weather is getting warmer! It is nicer to run outside than at the GYM.

Every Saturday, my boyfriend and I go out to eat dinner. I cook almost everyday, so this is my treat. This weekend we've been to a restaurant with a beautiful night view! The restaurant is on the 49th floor of a high-rise building in Shinjuku. Our budget for the dinner was the same as usual, but we just changed the place we go and dressed up! Also we didn't leave home together, but we arranged to meet together in Shinjuku. It was much more romantic ;)

I am a stay-at-home person (always prefer to eat at a neighborhood restaurant, wearing jeans), but now I somewhat realized I need to be creative in entertaining ourselves to keep our romance. In the beginning of May, we have Golden Week holidays, so we reserved a hotel in Odaiba. There is a beautiful night view, too.

How do you keep your romance alive?

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Good you get a break from cooking, I don't get many breaks myself! Seems you are doing good things to keep your romance alive! Good luck!

  2. Ochi,

    You two are still romantic even dated each others long time ago..

    Well,Ken and I also do the same things like yours.We go for dinner or maybe just stay at home lying there watching DVD..Sometimes I cook for him.

    Well,nothing special.

  3. Oh my Ochi,
    Those pictures of the food sure is just too good just to look at!!! I bet you and yours had a blast all dressed up and everything.Could you guys even eat dessert after such a delicious spread?
    I have a "pole" in my basement, this is where we have a pool table and a gym. So the way I keep my part of the romance alive is by giving him a pole dance LOL!!!! My friend and I went for lessons ha! ha! He loves it and says I am crazy!!!

  4. Hi jo,

    Yes! You are right! I need a break!!!
    But you sound busy, too.
    Please don't overexert yourself!
    I hope I won't be soon cold... Ha-ha.

  5. Hi jose,

    Watching DVD sounds good!

    You two are romantic, now living together after the long-distance love ;)
    What I realized is we sometimes need to stay well away from each other...
    You know what I mean?!

  6. Hi Nazarina,

    Wow wow wowwwwwwwww!
    Pole dance!? How sexy!!!
    You are creative & entertaining in many ways!!!
    How nice you have a pool table and a gym in your basement!
    Your home is wonderful :)

  7. Hi Ochi,
    I only have romance dinner with my boyfriend in Valentine's day!! One time only......
    Maybe you are right, we should always keep romance.

  8. Hi anGeLine,

    It is better to know it ealier and find out how to keep your romance! I am not sure yet, so seeking for it! It is too bad there is no answer to it until we find it by ourselves!!!


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