Friday, June 12, 2009

Fat Burning Coke?!

My co-worker likes new junk stuff!
On 6/8, he bought us newly-released green tea-flavoured Coca-Cola, which is coke with catechin. We sampled it together :)

As you may know, catechin is a special component of tea leaf that have been shown to stimulate fat metabolism and help the body burn fat more efficiently!

Coca Cola (Japan) Co. spokesman Katsuya Sato said "This coke leaves a slight green tea aftertaste and is mainly targeted at health-conscious women in their 20s and 30s. We wanted to cater to people who are looking for something that tastes good but is also good for health and beauty." [The Canadian Press]

Of course, it's calorie-free!
I liked the idea, but it didn't taste like green tea at all... If I love coke, I might get it again, but I'm not a coke addict, so this might be the first time and the last time...

In late June, shiso(Japanese basil)-flavoured Pepsi will be sold against it! Yes. I will try it out, if my co-worker gets it for us! I know he will definitely! Ha-ha ;)

Eat healthy!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I love Coke!!! And I love green tea too!!This combination were really great,I think. But sadly Singapore haven't sell this Green Tea coke yet.

    I will sure try when they release it.

    Why everytime there were new products,Japan will be release earlier than Singapore here??

    Maybe because Singapore is a very small country.

  2. Hi again Ochi,
    I have not seen any commercials here about this product.
    Anyway, I do not drink soda but I am like you, will try it just once. So I take it that you did not dig the taste? I much prefer the Epigallocatechin gallate in the good old fashioned green tea ha! ha!LOL!I still remember this from my college days when I was obsessed with everything about green tea, I still am though.
    You always have interesting posts about all these unusually cool products!
    I cannot wait to try it though!
    Have a good week-end!

  3. Hi jose,

    I didn't know you love coke that much ;)
    You should love this flavor then!

    I don't think it is because of the size of the country, but it is the difference in marketing strategy. If you come to Japan, you will know. There are too many different kinds of snacks available. I don't even buy them because I can easily get fat if I try them all out!!! Ha-ha!!!

  4. Hi Nazarina,

    I didn't know you love green tea that much!
    Now I understand why coca cola made this product! Might be in high demand! Ha-ha ;)

    There are many temporarily newsy products in Japan.
    This is the way Japanese manufacturers make people buy things!

    I hope this product become available in your country, too!


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