Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gym Workout and Hula Report

I go to gym for about an hour almost every day after work since I became a member last year. Everyday, I do more than 20 minutes of aerobic exercise (mainly using step machine) and do muscle training every alternate day to get optimal results within a limited amount of time.

After 4 months, I gained muscle (gained weight) but my fat didn't burn at all, so I was kind of shocked. However, after another 4 months, I lost 2kg (4.4lbs) for sure! I gained 3kg (6.6lbs) of muscle and lost 4kg (8.8lbs) of fat, which is an ideal result. By the way, to build lean muscle tissue, I take MUSASHI K'UN (image on the left) immediately after exercise. I started to take this recently and realized it helps a lot! By the way, I don't follow a restrictive diet because I want to eat whatever I want to! Maybe this is why I am getting this result this slow... Now, I need to train my core muscles, which is my weakest part. Plus, I have lot other tasks, but I think I can do it at my own pace :)

My hula class is going to end this month. The class is held every Thursday night, but I practice once a day at home. Practice makes perfect! Now I can dance one song ;) I think I will take this class again the next term!

Yesterday, I found a pair of cute rain boots at the local shoe store. It was raining hard this morning, so I readily wore it. How amazing!!! You can walk in a puddle ;) Ha-ha!!!

Oops. The rain stopped and we have a clear sky now in the afternoon... Don't I look funny wearing rain boots?!

Never mind! See you!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    You're so healthy.I'm so lazy to exercise sometimes.That's why I'm over-weight.

    I'm thinking of getting some exercise classes,still looking which more suitable for me.

    Can you post a pic of your rain boot??I wish to see you in rain boot.

    Have a nice day :)

  2. Hey, the brand of food you posted (pic) you said that it really helps, so I'll try looking for that kind of food but i don't think it's sold here where im from so i'll look for something else to substitue that LOL. you're really healthy you work out all the time.. I don't hink ive got time to work out myself but i'll give it a shot. oh, and the raiin boots, keep waiting until rain comes so you can wear it lol! Take care and have a nice day and enjoy if it rains haha :)

  3. Hi Ochi,
    I have missed you!
    It is raining here as well and gets really cold! I have a very strenuous exercise schedule too, run for about 3 miles everyday, no exceptions! Three weeks ago suffered really bad muscle spasms and had to see a doctor. It is okay now so back to running! i cannot start my day without running!
    I started my book because lots of people asked me to start one, also the magazine that I wrote recipes for went belly up and the editor encouraged me to start my book.They want all my secrets LOL! so I guess I will not hold back!
    Have fun with your rain boots!!

  4. Hello jose,

    I just started to be healthy!
    You are very young, so it is not too late ;)

    Yes! I will take a pic when I wear it on a rainy weekend!
    I don't have time on the weekdays, since I rush to the station every morning. Ha-ha!

  5. Hi angel,

    Oh, where are you from?
    Do you workout?!?! Because I found you are only 15, so I'm curious. But good for you!
    It's clear and sunny today! Ha-ha-ha!!!

  6. Hello Nazarina,

    3 miles a day! Good for you!!! I understand you can't start your day without running. So do I! I can't end my day without going to the gym ;) You are a hard worker, and you always inspire me in a good way. Thanks for letting me know why you started your book. I really envy you and thought I need to try hard! I wish you luck and hope everything pans out well for you!!! You are totally awesome ! I'm glad to know you through the Internet ;)


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