Monday, June 15, 2009

Homemade Tsukune

I was going to post this and couldn't for a while! Time flies!!!

2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had dinner at Keishouan in Shinjuku. Wow! They are on the coupon site (Gournavi) in English! They have many healthy chicken dishes, fresh vegetable dishes, and tofu dishes!
Their homemade tsukune is cool! Tsukune is a japanese chicken meatball most often cooked in yakitori style. At Keishouan, you can select toppings for it. We tried 5 different flavors: teriyaki mayonnaise, special, scallion miso, mentai mayonnaise, and spicy tsukune. They were all delicious! I think I will go there again someday ;)

It's cloudy and humid today. I hate the rainy season.

Stay dry :)

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