Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jessie Steele: Bib Josephine - Sweethearts Apron

On Sunday, while I was window-shopping in Ginza with my boyfriend, I found this cute apron (Jessie Steele: Bib Josephine - Sweethearts Apron) at a department store. The lady at the store said Jessie Steele aprons have been featured on Desperate Housewives. Also, Brown & Pink Polka Dot Apron was worn by a Japanese fashion model. How attractive!!! However, the price was 6300yen (almost $63), so I didn't get it on that day. When I got home, I searched online and found it was sold at 3600yen (almost $36), including shipping fee! I will definitely get it at this price!!! But not now... I'll first ask my boyfriend to get it for me. Ha-ha ;)

It is cloudy here today. The rainy season has begun X)
I think I'd better get rain boots beforehand, before the apron!

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  1. Nice apron,Ochi..full of love!!

    Yup,try to ask your boyfriend buy it for you.I think you will look cute on it.

    Lucky enough you did searched online for the price or else you will ending up buying expensive apron.

    At that time I don't think you will like the apron anymore..

    Maybe after you get the apron,post the pic of you with it.


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  3. Hi jose,

    I am asking my boyfriend to get it, but he says he is busy... He is actually busy, but too bad... I'll try again!!!

    Anyway, I bought rain boots yesterday ;)

    You know what!? I was just going to ask you when and how Ken proposed to you. Maybe you can write about it later in your post ;)

  4. Thank you Dr. Davon,

    Your site is professional!
    I used to take multivitamin everyday, but after few years, I felt dizzy taking it, so I stopped. I don't know why, but something don't suit me.
    Now I drink green juice every morning instead ;)

  5. The apron looks really cute!! You should ask your bf again to buy it for you! xD tell him that you'll cook him delicious food if he buys it for you haha! xD hope he agrees :)

  6. Hello angel,

    I asked him again and he finally bought me but at 3900yen... The price just rose! Too bad X( Anyway, I don't think I'm gonna wear this at home, but I am thinking of wearing it when I attend some place to cook. Don't know when, though... Ha-ha-ha!!! But I always believe it is better to get something you really like when you find it ;)

  7. I really want to purchase this apron! I'd like to see what it looks like at the back though once it's tied up. Could you please put it up once you do get it? <3 Thanks for the post

  8. Hi illosophy,

    I already got it!

    That's a good question! I don't even remember how it looked like at the back! Ha-ha!!! But please give me some time. I just don't have a chance to wear it... X(


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