Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is Your Ecological Footprint?

The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on the earth's ecosystems.

My ecological footprint was 3.8.
If everyone in the world lived like me, we would need 2.3 planets to support global consumption! How scary...

What is Your Ecological Footprint?
The site is for UK citizens, but try out!
It is interesting to test to find out what choices make the biggest differences.

Anyway, there are many ecological movements around us these days.
This morning, I saw kids interviewed on the television and I was impressed to know they have knowledge of environmental issues!

What I do everyday is I bring my bag to shop at supermarkets. (I don't use plastic bags.)
I carry a bottle of water, using the same plastic bottle, everyday instead of getting a new one.
I try to reduce my garbage...

Hmm... What else...

What do you do to reduce your ecological footprint?!

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  1. Mine is scarier. I need 2.8 planets to support me. I guess I need to work harder and conserving.

  2. Hi Ochi,

    My ecological footprint is 3.5. and we would need 2.2 planets to support global consumption! I'm not that far behind you!

    We conserve electricity a lot here, and you know there're stores, that ask you to bring your own bags to pack groceries, and one that you can bring your own boxes to pack groceries!

    Neat test, may feature on my blog too!

  3. Hi Tornadoes28,

    I think we need to try not to expect convenience like before...

    Let's try to conserve!!!

  4. Hello jo,

    There's a real ecology boom! Which is good!!!
    You grow your own vegetables, that is an ecological lifestyle :)

    There are many ecological footprint quizzes online, but I found this the easiest ;)

  5. Ochi,

    I need 2.0 planets to support me..

    To be honest,I seldom recycle.I din bring any shopping bag when I buy groceries.

    I think if this world a few more person like me,world will be terribly damage.

    I need to start bring my own shopping bag.I need to save this world!!

  6. Hi jose,

    Wow!!! 2.0 is better than me!

    Yes. To become aware and do something little by little makes a big change in our future ;)

    I will do my best, too!


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