Monday, July 13, 2009

K-1 WORLD MAX 2009 World Championship Tournament

Do you like K-1?

K-1 is a martial arts fighting sport which fuses centuries of tradition from martial arts such as karate, kung fu, tae kwon do and kickboxing (the "K") into a thoroughly modern and electrifying spectator sport, to determine the single best stand-up fighter in the world (the "1").

Until I quote this, I didn't know what K-1 actually is. Very interesting.

Anyway, today, my new hula CD arrived, so I was looking forward to practicing hula. But unfortunately, there is K-1 WORLD MAX 2009 broadcast from 9PM (30min later)... My boyfriend is looking forward to watching it, so I ended up giving up practicing tonight. I believe Super Fight (Masato VS Tatsuya Kawajiri) gonna be exciting but none of the others X( Why boys like such a fighting sport. I wish we have more rooms at our home... (jo's bathroom is super fine!!!)

I will listen to the hula music in the tab. Thanks for the juke tower, I still have hope to enjoy! Ha-ha!!!

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