Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Raspberry Puree Body Lotion

I was really busy today, I mean yesterday!

I just realized that "Raspberry Puree Body Lotion" that I bought in NY was really nice! I should have bought two or more. To tell the truth, I believed that The Body Shop does not have a lightweight body lotion even if it says lightweight! I think I need to try things once again after a while to make sure before I get any wrong ideas!

Anyway, it was on sale at $8.00! Worth to try ;)

Oops! It is alredy 0:40! I need to go to bed!!!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    We had lots of Body Shop's shop here,but I never got interest in this brand.But since you recommended this lotion,I think I will someday get it a try.And raspberry sound delicious too!Haha..

    And I checked on my YouTube,I still can't open the video.It stated there errors occured.I just don't know why..

  2. Kombanwa.

    How are you today?
    I loved this brand,i don't know why.

  3. Thanks you soooo... much ochisan!

    Love to eat

    Chili squeeze is enough for me.but my father love's it,he can ate 6 pcs.

    Oh!your bf loves to eat pineapple,sounds really good.

    Kabuhayan Post

    I got my mango in supermarket.
    but,mango vendor display looks like very sweet.

    and kids,didn't wait for the laundry.
    they're just talking,andhaving fun.
    but inside of the sacks,i don't really know.

    Simple Shots

    yes,you are right!

    Thanks again for the comments....


  4. I never tried this lotion either Ochi, I bet it smells good! You know my favorite is Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion! It's a rich and hydrating lotion with wonderful cocoa butter smell!

    Sometimes you can get a huge bottle 31.8 fl oz or 942ml for arund 5 or 6 dollars at bargain stores!

    Was trying to figure out 0:40 time in American time??

  5. Hi jose,

    Yes! It's the same. We have a lot of Body Shops here, too!

    Try out when it's on sale ;)

    Really!? That's strange... Others could view it. Maybe you can try it later. It is not that important, so don't take time! Ha-ha!!!

  6. Konnichiwa merce-san,

    I'm still busy but doing fine ;)
    I appreciate your concern!

  7. Hi merce-san again,

    Can he eat 6 as is?!

    Those kids looked like waiting for the laundry.
    That is funny to know! Ha-ha!!!

  8. Hi jo,

    Yep! I remember you said you like Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion ;) I forgot to check it out while in NY, but sounds really yummy! I should check it out next year ;)

    I think 0:40 is 11:40 in your area ;)

  9. Good afternoon ochisan!

    Yes,my father ate 6 pcs.

  10. Wow merce-san!

    Sounds really hot!!!


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